Playbook for 2020?

‘Opposition’ parties tried to use the 2011 playbook for 2015 and it failed miserably. As warned in 2011.

Now the question is, do they still want to use the same playbook for 2020? Or are they willing to reform?

1. WP has to get its town council accounts right. It has been given one last chance. If it doesn’t get a perfect set of accounts by 2020, they’re gone.

It wouldn’t hurt WP to make a leadership renewal before 2020 either, get new and younger leadership into place.

2. SDP has to continue Chee’s makeover. Leadership renewal too, get rid of the dead weight. And don’t put up ex-isa detainees for election. Ever. In fact, get rid of them from the party if possible. As they and other activists tend to cloud the party’s agenda.

3. Sing first is a one trick pony. The xenophobic platform needs to be changed completely. If TJS can get enough good people to join him, the party can stay. Else he should just merge with SDP.

4. NSP, SDA, RP, SPP should all close shop. The good guys from these parties, such as Jeanette and possibly Ben Pwee, to join other parties. The no-hopers, such as KJ, should be shut out from all other parties. The Ah-Sohs should retire.

All parties need to consider whether protest votes are still a viable way of getting into Parliament, and whether their role should be to play second fiddle to pap forever. Or should they instead appeal to voters by putting up strong candidates to secure beach heads so that they can build their strength over the next 20 years and be ready to challenge pap for power by SG75.

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Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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