Presumptuous PAP

Dr Ng Eng Hen today (27 Jul) let slip a few remarks which show the true colors of the party.


1. “[Pap] Mp’s to introduce their successors (where possible)”

Why is pap so presumptuous? Who is your MP to say that so-and-so will be his successor? Is this a democracy where people choose their representatives? Or an autarchy or hereditary aristocracy, where you decide who the next ruler is?

Corollary: I suppose it wasn’t possible for Mr Singh to introduce his successor.

Corollary 2: The same kind of condescending and patronizing attitude is used for pap’s ‘minister-calibre’ candidates, whom we are told must be ‘groomed’ for office. I wonder if these ‘minister-calibre’ candidates are show horses (who must be groomed before they go on a beauty parade) or hereditary successors (who are groomed to take over when the family patriarch dies).

As above, it appears pap doesn’t believe that the people have a say in who should be elected, only how long their ‘grooming’ should take.

2. “No lottery, no mudslinging or [pap] will find it difficult to attract people into politics.”

But who called their political opponents terms such as “Chinese chauvinist”, “vampires” and “political gangster”? Who ridiculed Chiam for his poor o-level results? Who called Jbj a dud? Who compared Chen Show Mao to a Nigerian scammer, in Parliament of all places?

What kind of strawberry generation politician wannabes does pap want to bring in, if their candidates can’t even take as much as their predecessors have given?

I’m sure we’ve not heard the last of Dr Ng and his words of wisdom….

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2 Responses to Presumptuous PAP

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  2. The says:

    /// “No lottery, no mudslinging or [pap] will find it difficult to attract people into politics.” ///

    So says all the multi-millionaire ministers. Asians, in particular the Chinese, love gambling and lottery. But a more pertinent and poignant point – Singapore’s common man need the lottery in order to make ends meet. Unlike the ministers whose monthly salary is tantamount to striking a lottery every month. Yes, winning the lottery and striking it rich every month.

    Sure, no lottery for you as you don’t need it. But the voters need to indulge in a flutter every week.

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