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A Presidential System For Singapore?

With the pap’s love of parachuting ‘potential ministers’ straight into Parliament via grc’s, would a Presidential system serve both the pap and the people of Singapore better? I can’t find the quote now, but I recall lky said grc’s helped … Continue reading

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On Singapore’s ‘Obsolete’ Primary School System

This is a response to a heartfelt letter in the Straits Times, where the writer claimed primary schools are doing everything wrong. 1. On the “Necessity of tuition” Actually, tuition is not necessary. If parents believed the moe line, that … Continue reading

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Principled But Unrealistic

Let’s call a spade a spade. To the extent that Prof Cherian George was denied tenure at NTU due to non-academic grounds, lets just accept that it is so, unless the university takes the traditional (Singaporean govt) route of calling … Continue reading

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