Same Old Story… Same Old Ending?

The prelude has happened exactly as before:

Roy publishes defamatory story
Roy gets lawyer’s letter
Roy buys time but eventually “apologised”
Apology not accepted
Roy gets sued
Roy gets sacked by his employer

The rest of the story goes as follows…. Will it come true?

Roy gets slapped with huge damages for defamation
Roy fails to meet payment deadline
PM initiates bankruptcy proceedings
Roy becomes bankrupt
Roy loses his passport
Roy cannot find a job
Roy gives interviews to the foreign press
Roy turns to writing books for a living
Roy lives on the fringe for 20 years
Roy talks about how rich he feels with the friends he has
Roy joins a political party but cannot take part in elections

Will all this come true?

More importantly, or will the well-wishers who donated more than $90,000 to him so far donate another $500,000 or more to pay the damages in full to PM Lee, so he doesn’t have to spend 20 years in the wild?

Or will Roy have to spend 20 years out in the cold before he can settle at $30K with the Prime Minister? And will PM Lee settle at $30,000 or will he take the view that since Roy has crowd-funding support behind him, he should be able to raise whatever amount is awarded as damages?

Time will tell…


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Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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2 Responses to Same Old Story… Same Old Ending?

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  2. James says:

    Exactly what sort of public debate Singapore should have? Surely debate about CPF, Govt accountability and transparency to the citizenry for their life savings and retirement funds is 1 of the most important public interests. Yet where are the free and vigorous debates, accountability, transparency, etc? Why is the reputation of the PM more important than the said public interests? Why is the Govt hiding behind defamation laws, using it to stifle debate and what are they hiding? These are some of the questions that beg to be answered by the Govt, but will they?

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