Choices for the PM

1. Sue his pants off. Bankrupt the guy. Take away his passport. Make his life hell for the next 20 years. Probability: Likely.

2. Go for pre-trial negotiations. Settle at $30K, just like the Old Men. Probability: Possibly.

3. As above, but settle at $15K (ie same share as what each of the two old men got). Probability: Not likely.

4. Drop the suit. Lose face. Lose credibility. Probability: Highly unlikely.

5. Claim the whole thing was an ‘honest mistake’, blame it on the Environment Minister for the freak weather which clouded his judgement. Probability: Once in 50 Years.


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16 Responses to Choices for the PM

  1. MaxChew says:

    Everybody’s waiting for sat 7june to attend the condemned man’s rally at Hong Lim Park…
    The massive crowds will overflow onto the roads left right centre,

  2. emptyzafu says:


  3. GingerBaker says:

    Singaporeans tend to be more talk than action.
    It’ll be a nice surprise if even 1,000 people turn up.

    • emptyzafu says:

      So? 人多人少出席hong lim park不能夠做什麼。

      • Of course. Did you expect this govt to resign? Notwithstanding that, such protests do have the power to influence. Eg the 6.9M protest caused the govt to recast its target as a “planning parameter”. In fact, without the Roy case, do you think pap mp’s themselves would have raised cpf issues in their speeches after the President’s address?

        Do not confuse protests with action. Govts here do not fall because of protests. Neither do they completely reverse policies as in Hong Kong or Taiwan. If you judge protests here by those standards, you will always be disappointed.


      • emptyzafu says:

        我要提出的是,新加坡人必須要搞清楚自己的思想。不是一邊在罵政府,一邊卻非常支持政府的行爲,這是人格分裂的行爲。出不出席hong lim park, 不是重點。搞清楚自己的思想,才是重點。

      • Yes, and that’s the problem. Because no matter how much they scold the pap, they have very little alternatives to vote for. That changed in 2011 with the entry of many new and electable candidates from other parties. But the majority of Singaporeans still don’t really want to kick out the pap. What they really want is the pap to change. Just like the Catherine Lim letter. A heartfelt plea to the pm to change, because to her, the alternative is too frightening. She got the first part right but the last part wrong. The alternative is not too frightening. How can a new govt, one that really listens to the people, be frightening compared to an arrogant govt that doesn’t listen to the people? >

      • Ronald David says:

        Who are inelectable candidates?
        Anyone who sees, feels and experiences life as it is lived in Singapore by those who are not in power are electable because they can speak with feelings and honesty.

        Simply reason out why Singapore has only one newspaper? WHY WHY WHY?

      • Think bigger. This is not about speaking out.

        See this.

  4. Xmen says:

    Choices for the PAP –

    1. Support the PM and get the wrath of the electoral in the next election. – only Yaacob so far!

    2. Stay put, watch events unfold, and hope it does not damage their standings. – Most PAP MPs!

    3. Distancing the party from the PM lawsuit as an “individual” matter. Start planning to replace PM in 2016 to save the party at the polls – The smart MPs who we will find out when the new PM is nominated in 2016.

    This is an EPIC FAIL!

  5. emptyzafu says:

    多人出席hong lim park也不代表什麼。新加坡沒什麼娛樂,有些人就下去看看熱鬧。就像是大選。多人下去看反對黨的大選演講最後也不表示他們會支持反對黨。。

    • Don’t overdo the entertainment bit. People vote for pap partly because it has strong candidates and the other parties put up unelectable candidates.

      • emptyzafu says:


      • “車禍”… And therefore?

        No doubt some people go to Hong Lim Park, to opposition rallies, even to accidents for entertainment value. I’ve written on this before.


      • Ronald David says:

        Over the years how many PAP candidates who went thru Parliament as elected assemblymen produced work of gold and lasted in the memory.

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