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Indonesian Lessons For Singapore?

Has anyone been following the Indonesian Presidential campaign? I must say I’m impressed. First, there’s enough time for the candidates to tour the country, to allow people everywhere to see them and hear them. Second, there are televised debates, where … Continue reading

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Things I learnt from the Costa Rica-Italy and Costa Rica-Uruguay Games of 2014 World Cup

1. A small party can beat a big political party. 2. But the temperature must be favorable. In this case, the political temperature must be right for the small party. 3. Teamwork is very important. Having a strategy is very … Continue reading

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The real trouble with the Minimum Sum…

…is that it was a knee-jerk reaction by the PAP, a manifestly inadequate attempt to correct a real and massive problem. And what problem is that? Why, the problem of cannot retire, of course! Consider this: Minister Tan says that … Continue reading

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Same Old Story… Same Old Ending?

The prelude has happened exactly as before: Roy publishes defamatory story Roy gets lawyer’s letter Roy buys time but eventually “apologised” Apology not accepted Roy gets sued Roy gets sacked by his employer The rest of the story goes as … Continue reading

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Choices for the PM

1. Sue his pants off. Bankrupt the guy. Take away his passport. Make his life hell for the next 20 years. Probability: Likely. 2. Go for pre-trial negotiations. Settle at $30K, just like the Old Men. Probability: Possibly. 3. As … Continue reading

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