You Think It’s So Easy For The PM?

There are two courts at play. The court of law. And the court of public opinion. And I think the latter is more powerful.

Pm Lee will likely win in the court of law. Not because the court is biased, but simply because Roy has no proof of criminal misappropriation. ‘Fair comment’ is not going to cut it.

But Pm Lee is going to lose in the court of public opinion. He’ll be seen as a righteous bully, a petty, oversensitive and out of touch old man.

Frankly, I think he knows there’s very little upside for him in this case, only downside.

Most people on the street don’t think he’s a criminal or a cheat, so he doesn’t need a court victory to exonerate himself or clear his name.

He doesn’t need the money.

The only reason he has to do this is because of the pap code. He uttered it himself before, if any pap mp is accused of wrongdoing and doesn’t sue, that’s tantamount to being guilty. So having painted himself into a corner, he cannot don’t sue.

I wonder if he wishes things could change.

But on the other hand, I’d rather the pap not change at all. Because if they do transform themselves, the other parties will be finished!


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5 Responses to You Think It’s So Easy For The PM?

  1. Charisma says:

    I blame the way society has developed over the past 60 years.

    Too much BS to cut through to see the truth.

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  3. Jay Sim says:

    you are the only one amongst the many blogs i have read that said it in this way and i totally agree with you. The PAP of earlier years have made it a point that all matters of integrity must be settled openly albeit in a court of law and to not use the court would be allowing the citizens to assume guilt. Surely an own goal in this manner!

  4. Sammo says:

    Or it could be simply that Lee Hsien Loong, like his father, is a vindictive, litigious bastard who has no qualms about using the courts to crush dissent.

    I don’t buy the explanation of him ‘painting himself in the corner’, ‘reluctance’ and ‘adhering to the PAP code’. He wants to make an example of Roy.

    Lee Hsien Loong is a small-minded man who relishes flattery. Just listen to his recent speech about the PAP govt having made great progress in the past three years. Talk about thick skin and a self-congratulatory pat on the back.

    No sir, things have gone from bad to worse. The overall state of Singapore had deteriorated, and it happened under your watch (2004 onwards). It is dishonest to give yourself credit which you do not deserve.

  5. henry says:

    Change is a process. It can be managed or it can be chaotic, yet a process.
    Obviously, the PAP cannot or chooses not to change. They address issues when they arise and only based on electoral results. A typical managerial mindset which ignores the dimension of human relations.

    The situation today is the result of poor communications, misjudging feelings, brutish behaviours.
    The distance between ground and the imperial court has widen, and the ground wants to narrow this. Yet, the powers increase the width with actions that does not promote trust.

    The transport and housing can improve a thousand fold.. but the level of trust can remain low.
    For a nation, how is that positive?

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