‘Should’ Have Been A Great Speech

Pritam certainly made a fabulous speech at the NUSPA forum recently, where he pointed out that CCC’s and the People’s Association are ultimately tools of the PAP.

Except for one point, where he said: “The problem with the existing system of People’s Association managed outfits like CCCs is that its fundamental purpose is to perpetuate a one-party state… It is my contention that in the years to come, the Government should steer the nation in a different direction insofar as local governance is concerned.” Meaning he thinks the Govt should stop using CCC’s to support the PAP.

What’s wrong with this?

Well, for starters, most people do not do things just because they ‘should’. Much less the PAP.

Did PAP reduce Minister’s salaries because they ‘should’? Did they build more flats because they ‘should’? Did they reduce immigration because they ‘should’? Did they abolish ISA because they ‘should’?

No. No. No and No!

To go around saying someone else should do something is not a realistic way of effecting change.

The best way to effect change is to do it yourself– which means you get elected, you throw out the PAP, you become the new Govt.

The second-best way is to make it in PAP’s interest to do something, which was what happened in the case of Minister salaries etc.

The least effective way is to go around saying ‘garment should do this’ and ‘garment should do that’.

What’s worse is when the above is said with an honest belief that no one else other than PAP can be the Govt. Thus ‘should’ is not only used as a suggestion to the PAP but also as a recognition that things will change only when we can persuade the PAP to change, ie PAP is omnipotent.

The Matrix that one creates with such a thought process is more scary than anything the PAP ‘should’ do but did not do.


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