Crows Have Come Home To Roost

What a bloody night! I’m sure no one was more shocked than our PAP leadership, no matter how often they trot out reminders of past racial riots.

Such things just don’t happen in Singapore now. Even so-called political protests are peaceful quiet little affairs at Hong Lim Park, unlike Bersih 2.0 in Malaysia or the various blue/red/yellow/etc shirt protests in Thailand.

Singaporeans aren’t violent any more because they’ve been conditioned to be docile after 50 years of PAP political hegemony. The PAP has used many tools in its arsenal, from the CLTPA and the ISA to various restrictions on public assembly, public entertainment licencing, permits and conditions cor public gatherings, public speaking and public demonstrations, restrictions on strikes, etc to make this happen.

Singaporeans have learned to fear the police and the ISD, to fear caning and detention without trial, and over time become docile and compliant. The favorite mode of protesting became writing a strong note to the Straits Times.

Not so the foreigners the PAP have imported, who have not undergone such conditioning.

And so we have seen Chinese workers demonstrate in front of Parliament building– no less– when they felt cheated of their salaries. We saw ‘illegal’ strikes by Chinese SMRT bus drivers who felt they were shortchanged compared to other bus drivers. And now we see Indian workers rioting over a fatal traffic accident.

The PAP cannot use the race relations bogeyman in all of these instances. Notice that no docile Singaporeans were involved in any of the above. No, it is a combination of two things.

One, the foreigners have not been conditioned to fear the police and the ISD, unlike the locals. Two, they have genuine grievances and back where they come from, they have different means of expressing their grievances.

People say you have to take the good with the bad. So it is when the PAP mass imports foreign workers. The same has happened in other countries too, eg with Turks in Germany. We’ll have to see how long it takes Pap to not only bring the situation on the ground under control, but also to condition a new generation of foreigners.


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4 Responses to Crows Have Come Home To Roost

  1. MaxChew says:

    Clap3! Excellent insightful analysis of the incident last night. Wish I had written it–seriously!

    But this was an incident waiting to happen and if the PAP G did not envisage it, they are short-sighted and unable to see the big picture.
    We have abt 100,000 Indian workers here mostly involved in hard construction work. They are therefore the rugged and tough types. Majority will converge on Little India on weekends and nowhere else. Just how large is LI to accommodate them? It’s a tight squeeze and they move around oblivious of the moving vehicles. There is truth to what an MP claimed jokingly in P and was made to apologize to Jayakumar who took offence that at night Little India is pitch black because of their presence. J should have been there to experience the blackness but I guess he didnt want to add to it. Most Indians are good strong drinkers when they relax. I’m sure the rioters were mainly fueled by alcohol courage.
    I empathize with the bus driver who reversed and knocked and killed one of them… the dark, he’s dark, alcohol in his blood, ignored a moving vehicle……….tragedy struck! Waiting to happen!
    But kudos to the Police for preventing such incidents from happening for so many years till last night! Things won’t be the same at LI anymore after this tragic incident. Likely the G will flood the area with hundreds of mata-mata in uniform and armed to the teeth.there will also be strict rules and regulations for pedestrians there. Go there and see for yourselves this coming weekend night.

  2. emptyzafu says:



    (This is thydowager’s “first hand news from witnesses at the scene.”

    “The riot was sparked off because a bus ran over an Indian (suspected foreigner), resulting in him getting stuck underneath the bus and died on the spot. The accident happened within the area where many Indians were drinking and they rushed up to see what happened…

    The ambulance arrived late, hence the police officers were the first to be present. Apparently, it was understood that the police officers could be those that patrol little india on a regular basis- and they are known to be rather “nasty” and cocky towards the Indian foreign workers there (- info gathered from the Mustafa folks)

    From the witness itself: “The bus accident was the reason BUT not the TRIGGER of this entire riot.” The police officers who were first sent to control the situation might have behaved aggressively towards the mob, hence causing the drunk mob to retaliate (along with their suppressed anger towards the local police)

    Their anger escalated when they saw their fellow countryman with his head decapitated- lying there, helpless, with no ambulance in sight. And yet, the police officers were still pushing them around. That’s only when they incited the mob and burnt the police cars.” )

    – See more at:

  3. emptyzafu says:


  4. MaxChew says:

    Refer to my first post above……my guesstimate was 100,000 foreign construction workers here but the G has now clarified in the media that there are 300,000 of them here currently! My Good Lord! So many meh? Most are from South India. Not too many as far as the G is concerned?

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