AA In Hot Soup

Alex Au is in hot soup. AGC let him off once, but will not forgive his second ‘Oops, I did it again’ moment.

So-called ‘civil society’ issued a statement urging AGC to rebut his allegations publicly instead of prosecuting him. AGC shot back by saying a public trial is the way AGC will rebut him. Of course, what AGC didn’t say is that it’s a lose-lose situation for Alex. If he wins, he still has to pay his own legal fees. If he loses, he will still have to pay costs and most likely pay fines too. A custodial sentence is unlikely given the man’s age.

I sure hope Alex has got good solid evidence to back his claims. Preferably in the form of emails (a la wikileaks) or taped conversations. Else I don’t see how Alex can successfully defend himself.

Civil society guys say that the offence of scandalising the judiciary was repealed in the UK and has not been used for over 50 years. They called on AGC to do the same, ie not prosecute Alex but instead engage him in public debate over his allegations.

I don’t think they get it. And in this case, I think AGC is right.

Why should AGC be made to engage in public debate over allegations by all and sundry? Do you think they are so free to issue press release after press release, in response to blog post after blog post?

Natural justice requires that the burden of proof be on the accuser, but if any blogger can make unsubstantiated allegations and compel AGC to prove its innocence, that would turn the whole system of justice upside down!

So you see where this is going, and why the Singapore govt will not go there.

If you make any allegations, you’d better have rock solid proof before you publish such allegations. That’s the first thing any reporter is taught, that scoops must be reliable and must be confirmed, preferably by more than one source, and ideally with substantive evidence, such as emails, recordings, photos or documents.

Editors will refuse to publish controversial stories if they cannot confirm, even in countries like the US, where libel is not a crime. It’s not because they are afraid of lawsuits, it’s because they don’t want to look stupid if they get it wrong. Especially the serious newspapers, like the Washington Post, they don’t publish anything they don’t believe they can substantiate.

Hence, I hope Alex has got good sources and material evidence to substantiate his allegations.


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11 Responses to AA In Hot Soup

  1. MaxChew says:

    I read your Dimwitted AGC post 8 months ago and cheered. It was the complete opposite to this posting.Care to compare and contrast? If not, either PW has switch sides or the G has just bought over this blog. But we really need a G-sponsored political blog to even things up. Too many blogs are anti-G and patently biased. Macham Fox news channel which always include a democrat strategist in any panel to oppose and to defend Prez BO.
    Just saw Fox News in the morning where BO assured his public audience that he has successfully fixed Obamacare and the latter should now be in good running order………………
    Reminded me of your prev posting that the PAP has fixed all the problems of the voters and they should now leave their Mickey mouse Opp parties and return to good old PAP!

    • There is no change. My message has always been the same. You can see my past posts, eg 10 things wrong with the opposition in Singapore.

      One must not be blinded by an opposition ’cause’ that one cannot see clearly what the enemy is doing well and what’s wrong within one’s camp.

      Perception is more important than reality. If people perceive that things are getting better, that the PAP is making progress in fixing things, and is listening to them– that’s enough for PAP to win back votes.

      The government does not buy over blogs. At best, they force them to register. Don’t invent conspiracy theories. See for yourself clearly what must be done. See for yourself clearly what you’re short of, what youre doing wrong. If you don’t want to work on what it takes to get into power, then we will have another 50 years of PAP hegemony.

      • MaxChew says:

        You assert so confidently that the G does not buy over blogs. How do you know? Unless you are part of the Estab or working for them? Conspiracy theory? Rest assured our G with 2 trillion is able to buy anything they want if it helps their cause!
        But you have not clarify the difference between your April posting condemning the AGC and this one bumsucking them on a similar subject.

      • No helping those who invent conspiracy theories and see shadows in daylight, so I’m not going to bother.

    • You didn’t understand the message. It’s not ‘people should leave the Mickey mouse opposition parties and return to pap’. It’s ‘how are these Mickey mouse parties going to change anything if they don’t want to fight PAP for power and are content only to fight each other for NCMP seats?’

      Check your understanding.

    • No helping those who want to see conspiracies where none exist, so I won’t bother.

  2. MaxChew says:

    Before I check my understanding, you should check your political facts………..in the last GE and 2 BEs, the WP did not fight for NCMP posts but 7, repeat 7 genuine MP posts! And guess what? Yessir, they won all 7 Member of Parliament seats for their Workers Party convincingly!
    History was made as this was the first time the all-powerful PAP lost a GRC team! Somemore they lost 2 Cabinet Ministers and 1 Sr MOS from that GRC (Aljunied)
    That was why I asked in my first query about Rip Van Wnkle. Sure hope you are aware of the Opp WP’s shocking victories in Aljunied GRC, Hougang and PE SMCs!

    • Those are past glories, and frankly WP has underwhelmed in Parliament and outside of Parliament since then as mentioned. But this piece is not about WP alone

      I saw a lot of jostling for SMC seats during 2011. I also saw people squabbling over who has the ‘right’ to contest in Hougang by-election, people calling for WP to be gracious, let others have a chance to come in. Even absurd proposals like running jointly, with the WP candidate becoming the Town Council Chairman while the other candidate goes to Parliament if elected. You see how desperate the ‘oppposition’ became?

      But most importantly, WP did not challenge pap for the right to form a Govt in 2011, nor did a grand coalition of ‘opposition’ parties emerge to nominate a shadow cabinet to challenge the pap for the govt.

      Do you think things will change in 2016? Or will there still be squabbling over SMC seats in 2016, with’ negotiations’ basically about avoiding 3-cornered fights so that no one loses his election deposit rather than about how to bring down the pap govt?

      If you believe things will change, kindly provide the basis for your assertion.

      • yuen says:

        > Do you think things will change in 2016

        I expect WP in 2016 to try to muscle into electorates neighbouring aljunied, i.e., Marine Parade, Tampines, Whampoa and Radin Mas, previously contested by NSP, which is in no position to fight 3-corner contests; however, WP has adopted the same PAP philosophy of “tight control, make money, share with helpers”, so you cannot expect it to argue against PAP on basic modes of operation; it can nitpick on stylistic points of course

  3. yuen says:

    > custodial sentence is unlikely
    I am not so optimistic; my guess is his past retractions would be used against him by prosecution to ask for a deterrent sentence
    chris lingle was fined $5K for a first offense only, and he had abandoned his job/cpf and gone back to america by then, so leniency is expedient for the circumstance

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