UFO Conspiracies In Singapore Politics

The recent revelations by Dr Thum Ping Tjin About Operation Coldstore and the events surrounding the merger of Singapore and Malaya, as reported continually by The Online Citizen, remind me of Roswell.

In 1947, the US Govt was said to have recovered a crashed UFO at Roswell. For over 50 years conspiracy theorists alleged the mother of all cover-ups in human history. All the technologies we have today– microwave ovens, stealth fighters and bombers, gene therapy– were said to have originated from what the US govt harvested from that crash. Till now, the US Govt has never come clean on what was recovered at Roswell, and the conspiracy theorists have never forgiven the US Govt.

Yes, it may well be true the United Front were no communists, that the arrests of Operation Coldstore was for political and not security reasons and that the Merger and subsequent Separation did not happen for the reasons PAP portrayed them.

But so what? It’s 50 years on now, most of the Coldstore detainees are dead.

What do they want by the continual exposés? To have the PAP pay compensation to the Coldstore detainees and their families? To set up a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission? To put Lee Kuan Yew on the witness stand and charge him for crimes against humanity? To have the PAP govt of 2013 resign from power because it used illegal tactics to obtain power in 1963?

The PAP of 1963 is not the same as the PAP of 2013. More importantly, the Barisan Socialis of 2013 (now called Socialist Front) is not the Barisan Socialis of 1963, and the Worker’s Party of 2013 is not the Worker’s Party of 1963.

Even the most hardened PAP critic acknowledges that there is no alternative to a PAP govt at this time. All we have are mickey mouse opposition parties. That’s why they all call themselves ‘opposition’– because even they themselves cannot imagine that they will ever be in power. That’s why they call themselves ‘opposition’ parties and not ‘political’ parties.

While it will be interesting to see if the PAP will react to these allegations published by The Online Citizen, what is more important is for the opposition’ parties to reboot themselves, to become real political parties, challenging the PAP for power and not NCMP seats.

As Tan Jee Say said in a 2012 Straits Times interview,

I think everybody, whoever is in politics must want to form the government. Or else how do you say that you want to implement policies to benefit the people? I mean that’s fundamental. You must have that desire to form the government.

Otherwise what’s the point? You are just shouting in Parliament, or just arguing, debating in Parliament, does it lead to anything, any benefits for people? (Forming the government) is a real thing. That is the real objective for anyone wanting to go into politics.”

Until ‘opposition’ politicians want to form a Govt and fight PAP to form a Govt, they’ll be regarded as no more than UFO conspiracy theorists– dogged yes, determined yes, willing to do whatever it takes to expose the truth yes, but basically kooks and nuts, who have no sense of what’s important in the real world.


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14 Responses to UFO Conspiracies In Singapore Politics

  1. Raising issues against govt policies does not necessarily arise from an intent to gain power or to run the govt. Raising issues means simply trying to correct the issues that are against the interests of certain quarters of the population not necessarily all or the majority but the fact remains that govts may not necessarily cover all the bases of the population at large and a certain times they run amiss of smaller factions or interests with their policies and need a re-look at them. By raising issues the general populace makes it clear that all interests must be covered by a govt in power not necessarily only the majority but also those that count towards the population.

    A good govt in power looks at all issues with a fair and clear mind to ensure fairness and justice for all – not always attainable but a goal to aim for.

    This is where a govt proves it is benevolent or dictatorial party.

    • George Bush once said, “The American people have long shopping lists. They elected their senators to go shopping for them. They elected me to mind the store.”

      So there is obviously a place for MP’s in our system, whose job is to raise the concerns of their constituents.

      Notwithstanding the above, the problem is not that our so-called opposition politicians don’t know how to raise issues. It’s that they see themselves as ‘opposition’ for life.

      Do you know Chiam See Tong celebrated 25 years as a backbencher, and in his speech at that celebration dinner he called upon Potong Pasir residents to continue to keep their constituency as a ‘beacon’ of the opposition? You can bet David Cameron didn’t celebrate 10 years as the Leader of the Opposition.

      That’s the difference between our so-called opposition and those in other countries.

      • The prize to lead a country politically is too huge for any ambitious politician to forego – the opportunity has not presented itself as PAP has been in power for 50 years and more but like all good things or not so good, change must come.

    • By the way, it is not about ‘proving one as a benevolent or dictatorial party’. That’s the kind of black and white the PAP likes to use to ‘psycho’ voters.

      So what if the pap is benevolent? Should others forever be condemned to opposition? So what if the pap is dictatorial? Should they be thrown out of power and replaced by a bunch of kooks?

      That’s what the us failed to understand in Iraq. They overthrew Saddam but they also dissolved the Baathist Party and disbanded the Iraqi army. Because they believed these two organs of state were the tools of the dictator. There were generals in the Iraqi army and there were party loyalists who were wiling to turn sides and work under a US administration. Unfortunately, the US was not willing to accept this. History has shown that the people it appointed to run Iraq were even more corrupt and incompetent than the old regime.

      There is truth in what the old man said. He once told western reporters that even if Aung San Suu Kyi came to power, you cannot just get rid of the generals no matter what human rights atrocities they committed. Because they are the only ones with knowledge of how to run the country. You can’t just replace them overnight.

      The US should have learned from this.

      So no matter how dictatorial the pap is, you can’t just throw them out. Hence benevolent or dictatorial does not come into the picture at all.

      • You can throw the garbage out but the PAP is not garbage and have stood the test of time even though they cheated in Cheng San. I am one of two witnesses.
        However the sands of time are running out for Singapore as a major city in the world. It is our children who may have to face the issues.

  2. Every and any party can fall – the bigger they are, the longer they have been in power all the more they think in terms of indispensability and invincibility.
    The PAP will fall once LKY goes – the mandate to lead forever will not endure beyond his departure – life will go on for Singapore and Singaporeans but a dark cloud looms on the horizon which will hit us anytime from 15 years to 25 years hence and nothing we can do about it.

  3. MaxChew says:

    Absolutely true before the Aug 2011 GE. Like Rip Van Winkle, the author must have fallen asleep then till now and then just awoken to write this piece.
    All the thousands including me who cheered till hoarse the victories of WP’s Aljunied GRC, Hougang SMC and Ponggol East SMC totaling 7 new Opp MPs have come to nought?
    C’mon dude…..have patience and faith in the anti-PAP politicians and supporters.

    But I agree that GE 2015-16 is crucial and will foretell the years ahead….
    If PAP takes back Aljunied and PE by hook or by crook…..they will continue to rule Singapore ad infinitum and our ‘ Mickey mouse’ Opp parties including WP might as well close shop for good
    However, if WP continues to capture more GRCs and SMCs followed by a sprinkling by SDP, NSP etc, then the future looks bright for democracy and good governance and bleak for PAP!

    • On the contrary. I think 2011 may well be the high water mark for the ‘opposition’. Their performance in Parliament has underwhelmed, while PAP has done everything voters asked for– cut minister pay, build more flats and make them cheaper, fix public transport, etc. I fear that come 2016, people will see no reason to vote in any more ‘opposition’.

      • MaxChew says:

        To the author…..what in heaven’s name are you babbling about? Are you kidding?
        1. Cut Ministers’ pay was done b4 GE 2011. It was negligible but made to look substantial. Ministers still earn an average of $2 million per year inclusive of myriad bonuses
        2. HDB flats are cheaper now or in the near future b4 2016? LOL! The market price of my resale EA which I bought for $500k 3 yrs ago has now climbed to $750k or abt $100k per year!
        3. Our MRT and buses have been fixed since 2011 and are now much improved? Pl still try to travel during peak hours either morning or evening! Maybe 5% I’ll admit but still squeezy and uncomfortable for the price I have to pay!

        Rome was not built in a day. Slow and steady wins the race.

        Wanna bet that PAP will regain their significant losses in GE2011 and BE2012 come GE2016?
        Pl read SDP’s recent post ….Singapore’s turn has come. The world has changed. Look at what is happening to our neighbors in the East. It’s no longer a bread and butter issue for voters. Education and the miraculous electronic social media have affected and changed the masses.
        All our neighbors going north but we prefer to go south because of our wealth? Don’t think so.

    • My my, you really believe that SDP et al can ride into Parliament in 2016 on the back of the same issues as 2011… Rome was not built in a day it is true, but 5 years is enough to fix a lot of things, and to make substantial progress on things that cannot be fixed in 5 years.

      As for me, I look at the current situation and project into the future. Will there be more hdb flats for first timers? Will the govt price it at whatever is necessary to get votes? Will they cool the housing market successfully without causing a crash? Will there be more trains, more buses, more roads, more bus drivers? Do people care about million dollar ministers? Or are they more concerned about accountability and effectiveness? That is, are ministers producing results and if not, are they ‘eased out’ and replaced (like Mah Bow Tan and Raymond Lim)? Will there be more jobs for Singaporeans and stricter control of foreign labour? Etc etc.

      Like analysts looking at an economy, I look at the trends of these political indicators. If they are going up, I do not see any reason for the ‘opposition’ to make gains, especially given their abysmal performance in Parliament (eg MX9) and outside Parliament (hawker centre spring cleaning).

      What do you base your predictions on?

  4. emptyzafu says:

    As Tan Jee Say said in a 2012 Straits Times interview,

    “I think everybody, whoever is in politics must want to form the government. Or else how do you say that you want to implement policies to benefit the people? I mean that’s fundamental. You must have that desire to form the government.

    Otherwise what’s the point? You are just shouting in Parliament, or just arguing, debating in Parliament, does it lead to anything, any benefits for people? (Forming the government) is a real thing. That is the real objective for anyone wanting to go into politics.”

    Hear hear. Well said.

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  6. Jason says:

    If no one to correct the wrong in History, then the holocaust did not occur, and it does not matter…

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