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Cold Turkey

Has anyone ever gone cold turkey for a heroin or cocaine addiction? Is it tough? I think Singapore may have to go cold turkey within the next 10 years. I’ve been to a lot of countries. Everywhere I’ve been, I … Continue reading

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Crows Have Come Home To Roost

What a bloody night! I’m sure no one was more shocked than our PAP leadership, no matter how often they trot out reminders of past racial riots. Such things just don’t happen in Singapore now. Even so-called political protests are … Continue reading

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AA In Hot Soup

Alex Au is in hot soup. AGC let him off once, but will not forgive his second ‘Oops, I did it again’ moment. So-called ‘civil society’ issued a statement urging AGC to rebut his allegations publicly instead of prosecuting him. … Continue reading

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UFO Conspiracies In Singapore Politics

The recent revelations by Dr Thum Ping Tjin About Operation Coldstore and the events surrounding the merger of Singapore and Malaya, as reported continually by The Online Citizen, remind me of Roswell. In 1947, the US Govt was said to … Continue reading

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