Back to a One-Man Show

So Vincent Wijeysingha has decided to quit SDP to be a full-time gay activist. While the party put on a brave face, saying it’s a loss for SDP but a gain for civil society, the truth is that it’s just a loss for SDP– and a BIG one at that.

The man was a great debater with an illustrious family name, a charming personality, charismatic and persuasive. In short, he was everything a politician should be– except married with two kids.

Vincent’s loss to SDP will be tragic. While this does not mark the end of SDP, it certainly marks a grave setback for the party.

The party now reverts to its one-man show under Dr Chee. The rest of the party ‘leadership’– John Tan, Jufrie, Gandhi, etc– are tired old warhorses with no hope of getting elected.

Vincent brought with him much energy, optimism and hope for the party. He was always full of ideas, not just criticisms. He was a new lease of life for the party.

And now he’s gone.


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7 Responses to Back to a One-Man Show

  1. MaxChew says:

    While I agree with you that VW is a great political star for SDP, I disagee that John Tan and Jufrie have no hope of being elected (Ghandi has left SDP). I’ve been a close supporter of SDP for the last 20 years and heard both JT and JM speak and debate intelligently and articulately.
    They may not be as good as VW but they can easily beat the PAP MPs including the Ministers.
    Sorry, but I can foresee both being SDP MPs in the next GE if the PAP trips up.

    • How can they ‘easily’ beat PAP MP’s and Ministers if they can only win if PAP ‘trips up’? See the contradiction?

      • yuen says:

        PAP trips up often; its loss of aljunied actually started in 2006 with LKY, WKS and George Yeo spending far too much time scolding James Gomez (LHL GCT both kept quiet – they knew better) boring everyone to tears; Aljunied voters punished George Yeo and WP identified the electorate as vulnerable, put effort into it and won convincingly in 2011. In 2011 PAP made mistakes nominating Tin Pei Lin and replacing Chen Soo Sen, so Marine Parade and Joo Chiat are now vulnerable too

  2. MaxChew says:

    Mr Roy, if the 2 are are not capable of getting elected, Dr CSJ would not have selected one to be the chairman and the other his Asst Secy-General! These are the highest posts next to his.
    No, they are not tired war horses, they are political battle-scarred veterans who have seen the insides of Changi Prison and yet continue to battle on steadfastly and fearlessly.The majority of netizens predict the PAP is on the slide down and likely to lose a few more GRCs, meaning 2-3 in GE 2016. WP, NSP and SDP will be the parties taking over and both JT and JM will have a shot getting in. They are as good if not better than WP’s Lee Lian and the MP of Hougang (can’t rember his name).
    Finally, you forgot about ‘getting in on the coat-tail of a heavy-weight candidate’? this applies both to the PAP and the Opp in any GRC under contest. The SDP heavy -weight is of course Dr CSJ .who is free now to contest GE 2016.
    I enjoy your blog but please don’t start putting people down just like that!

  3. yuen says:

    if MITA books Hong Lim park every sunday afternoon to show Bollywood movies; partially recovering cost by renting space for food and drink carts (but no alcohol);so that afterwards the movie viewers can go from Clark Quay to Little India which is 2 MRT stops away, there will be less time for getting drunk and into trouble

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