The PM’s Speech: What’s Not To Like?

Perhaps it’s true that the online community is largely negative towards the PAP. How else can one explain that so many sites are still not satisfied with what he offered, despite the sweeping changes the PM announced in his National Day Rally?

PSLE grade revamp. More social welfare. Cheaper flats. More healthcare subsidies. And even the uprooting of an entire military airbase just to release prime housing land.

And online critics still say, ‘it’s not enough, there’s room for improvement’, or ‘it’s a step in the right direction, but more can be done’. Or that he didn’t do anything for me (gays/lesbians, singles, unwed mothers, etc etc).

Of course more can always be done. Of course there’s always room for improvement. Of course there always some groups who are left out.

But what the PM is proposing is far more than any PAP govt of the past has ever proposed. Do these online critics realise that?

More importantly, where does this leave the other political parties? Other than saying they agree with the direction PAP is moving in but they want to see concrete results, what else do they have to offer the electorate? They have no ambition to form the Govt. So how are they going to fight the PAP in 2016?

More need for check and balance stuff? More complaints about healthcare costs, cost of living, housing costs, transport woes, FT’s and overcrowding, Minister salaries? Will that still work in 2016?

I am increasingly pessimistic about the fate of the other political parties come 2016. Like it or not, if it is something money can settle, PAP will do whatever it takes to stay in power. Hence the sweeping changes which started from cutting Minister salaries to the latest changes proposed by PM Lee. If other parties do not want to form the Govt in 2016, I do not see any reason how they can increase their numbers in Parliament in 2016.


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3 Responses to The PM’s Speech: What’s Not To Like?

  1. ardeedee1 says:


    I think you do not realise that everytime the PAP embarks on a small amendment to their plans for the country there are lots of public ooh la las – yet the changes are very infinitismal in relation to the problems descending on the country and the economy inexorably.

    They have for instance been watching the population increasingly going grey by a burgeoning matured society of elders with an ever- increasing proportion living longer and capable of more dynamic contributions to society in one way or another.

    Yet the only way to counter this increasingly older generation for the PAP govt was to mainly bring in foreigners by the millions till the immigrants surpass the locals in numbers and especially those young adults Singaporeans who are the main contributing economic digits to compete with locals for plum jobs.
    Why for instance are these high-flying foreigners allowed to settle down in Singapore not only for themselves but also for their entire families sometimes three-tiered – remember the Chinese young man who crashed his car lethally with his girlfriend at 3am after a night at the casino and his Chinese family and parents were at home in Singapore.

    The PAP govt should in fact be looking for more solutions for the matured but able workers by making jobs available for them by crafting the jobs to suit the aged.

    The PAP govt can do all it wishes to make life pleasant for themselves and their supporters as they are doing but they cannot escape the vagaries of time n nature – like age it catches up on them and at some point no matter how they resist they will succumb.


    Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 05:45:33 +0000

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  3. Empty Zafu says:


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