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Libel Capital Of the World Gives It Up; What Now, PAP?

Tired of being the laughing stock of the developed world, London is finally giving up its antiquated libel laws. What does that portend for Singapore, which inherited these ridiculous libel laws? Will PAP ever give up these laws? Or do … Continue reading

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Three Times Unlucky

From the sharp Parliamentary debates, we can now see that 1. Both WP and PAP were in a classic prisoner’s dilemma. WP awarded town council contracts to companies owned by its supporters; PAP awarded contracts to its own companies. If … Continue reading

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Wrong Time, Wrong Target?

It seems some political parties are still spending a significant amount of their time calling for democratic reforms and human rights, eg to be allowed to demonstrate freely anywhere, more press freedom, to be able to speak freely without fear … Continue reading

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Inexplicable Protests

The enthusiasm with which some Singaporeans, incl. some ‘opposition’ politicians, have taken to the recent controversial General Election in Malaysia, strikes me as a little weird. Constant reporting and updating of election-related postings in their Facebook and blogs. Sharing of … Continue reading

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