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Dimwitted AGC

It seems the AGC is still as dimwitted as ever, when it comes to dealing with criticism of the judiciary. Instead of publicising grounds of written judgement against the Chinese national who carjacked a taxi at Changi Airport, the AGC … Continue reading

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If There Was Ever Evidence…

… That the Courts in Singapore do not question the views of the Govt (or more correctly, the Parliament, though in the last 50 years, they are more or less the same because the PAP dominates both institutions), then the … Continue reading

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The Truth About Budget ‘Debates’

I’ve lamented the ‘uselessness’ of the annual Budget ‘Debate’, because basically, no Govt has ever had to compromise with the Opposition—or even with its own MP’s—to get a Budget passed. But I now see the Budget Debate for what it … Continue reading

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