I Have Recently Learned That*…

1. When Singaporeans leave for other countries, they are ‘quitters’. But when others come to Singapore, they are ‘talent’.

2. When Singaporeans want to be citizens of other countries, you warn them about being second-class citizens. When others want to become Singaporeans, you say we must not be xenophobic, we must welcome them, integrate them, treat them as equals.

3. When you say “political stability”, you mean “PAP forever”.

4. If a protest happens in Singapore but the PAP doesn’t acknowledge it, it didn’t make a sound.

5. That National Service— something which every virtually Singaporean man hates, tries to keng and siam to the best of his ability– is now a defining experience in being Singaporean and differentiates us from so-called ‘instant citizens’.

6. That it is Singaporeans’ fault that they do not have enough children, despite the great parenthood package incentives the Govt has thrown at them.

Apparently PAP haven’t realised that Singaporeans work the longest hours in the world; that HDB flats have become smaller and smaller over the years; that condos have become shoebox apartments; that repeated exhortations by PAP leaders in the past that Singapore cannot afford to slow down or other countries will overtake us; that PAP’s desire to be No 1 in everything from port services to financial industry means everyone has to work ‘cheaper, betterer and fasterer’.

Can PAP see that all these are incompatible with large and stress-free families? Why on Earth does PAP think that anyone can, should or wants to raise a large family in Singapore, in the face of all these, is beyond me.

7. That Singapore’s low fertility rate has created an aging population thus necessitating another huge injection of foreigners over the next 15 years to create a 6.9M population to sustain the tax base and create economic growth.

But I don’t get it.

If Singapore had maintained fertility at the target rate of 2.1 (ie at the so-called replacement rate) starting 1980, the resident population would have stayed stable at 3.2M. Would the PAP be satisfied with a 3.2M population, when the PAP clearly wants a large population to feed its economic engine? If not, why blame Singaporean’s low fertility rate? Just say you want more GDP lah!

8. That PAP will take in between 15,000 and 25,000 new citizens each year, or about 400,000 ‘new’ citizens by 2030.

Somehow the PAP must have a plan to find 400,000 foreigners who want to come here to serve NS, even when native citizens hate NS and do their best to avoid it. I think they may be targeting Africans, Afghans, etc for whom NS is nothing compared to civil unrest and wars in their own countries.

9. That we can have a ‘strong’ Singaporean core with only 55% citizens, of which more than 5% of which will be so-called ‘new’ citizens, meaning ‘old’ Singaporeans form less than 50% the population. I didn’t know that a ‘core’ can be less than 50% until now.

10. That once the ‘new’ citizens are cleverly attracted to Singapore by PAP, they will find a way to ensure these ‘new’ citizens will never give up their citizenships to return to Beijing when they have earned enough money here and no longer see the benefits of citizenship. Amazing!

* The title is a homage to Mr Brown’s Singapore National Education series, long before he became famous.


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Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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5 Responses to I Have Recently Learned That*…

  1. Cheng says:

    Yes. You missed a few points, let me add.

    1) Couples who are not producing enough are infertile and crippling our society.

    2) Elderly who are aging so quickly but dying so slowly are depleting our money.

    3) Singaporeans who have dismal feelings about white paper dismal science are xenophobes.

    4) When 77 MPs vote their interests, not values, that’s enlightenment. When 5000 people voice their values, not interests, that’s both dumb and humb.

    5) When PAP politicians don’t want the noble job is because talented people aren’t attracted to serve with low pay. When Singaporean workers don’t want any noble job is because people are untalented and unwilling to work with low pay.

    Let me end this with the latest news from the Bulgaria PM who has resigned after major protest. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21516658.

  2. Pak Geok Choo says:

    Try using govt’s Singapore core message to convince ‘new Singaporeans’ Lee Jia Wei or Sun Beibei from leaving Singapore to return back to China. These FTs have reaped lots of recognition, honour, support and incentives from Singapore Government but did they buy its story? Stay to give birth to its desired ‘2.1’ babies? Loyalty and love for a nation is tied to roots, building families, finding meaning in work, growing up, building friendships, being in communities, play, work, live, cry, laugh, rejoice and moan together etc. This and all can never be bought or transacted.

  3. Ka Kwok says:

    Actually, I think Singapore is attacking the population issue from the wrong angle. Instead of concentrating on building families within it’s border, it should in fact encourage families to move out. Let’s face it, families requires infrastructure that Singapore don’t have and can’t readily build. In the face of that, throwing more money to problem isn’t going to help. Singapore’s neighboring countries on the other hand can easily support and accommodate for family needs. So really, what Singapore should really worry about doing is fostering a younger population with the view that they’ll empty the nest when they’re older. As horrible as it is to say as well, that goes for the elderly as well, Bluntly put, Singapore is on a tightrope and it can’t afford to loose it’s balance.

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  5. Useless creature says:

    11. Singles are discriminated in many govt policies because they do NOTHING to help the country

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