A Stony Silence

As expected, the (PAP) Govt has maintained a stony silence since Sat, the day of (apparently) the largest non-PAP-sanctioned protest in post-independence Singapore.

Where the Ministry of Education apparently saw fit to respond to a Hong Lim Park protest in 2010 on “Mother Tongue” weighting, no Govt minister or senior official has even acknowledged the occurrence of the 5,000-strong protest in any official capacity. Not even a single pap mp has posted any Facebook note on the protest.

No doubt the people who need to know, know. The PAP has eyes and ears everywhere. Their agents on the ground would have reported everything to them.

Yet they choose, publicly at least, not to give any recognition to the legitimate, serious and grave concerns and fears of quite a number of Singaporeans.


It is as Tan Jee Say feared. No amount of protest will make the PAP change their wicked ways. The only way PAP will change is when they are removed from office.

In other words, PAP understands only “武力” and nothing else.

More than ever, Mr Tan’s words at the rally ring true. Regime change is the only way to stop this runaway PAP train.

Three years is all we have. Three years is all Mr Tan has to gather a few good men to challenge the PAP for the right to form a new Govt.

Can he do it? Or are we condemned to having 6.9M people in Singapore because no one is willing to step forward to stop the PAP?


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6 Responses to A Stony Silence

  1. DT says:

    Don’t agree with you here. First of all, what kind of response would you expect from the government that will make them look good? Since they can’t back down after passing the motion in Parliament, they would most likely give similar responses to what was already given in Parliament during the debate and that will be criticised as simply rehashing the arguments made earlier and not listening to the people. That will only make it look worse. The only response acceptable to those at Hong Lim Park is that the government will not proceed with the measures outlined in the White Paper and that is something they can’t do now.

    The PAP government may not have anticipated the amount of unhappiness at the White Paper prior to releasing it but now they are surely aware as you mentioned. And I don’t believe that the government will be so blind to it that they will do nothing. Yes, they will not back down publicly but I don’t doubt that they will be looking into and implementing more measures to alleviate the displeasure behind the scenes, at the risk of losing more seats at the next GE if they don’t do so.

    In any case, the PAP government may not have been as politically unsavvy as you seem to put it. Yes, it has incurred the unhappiness (or even wrath) of a sizeable segment of the population and yet there are three more years to the next GE, which is a double-edged sword that may be tilted in the favour of the PAP: Three years for TJS to organise and challenge the PAP, and also three years for the PAP to implement supporting measures and policies to soften the White Paper to make it more palatable to the population. In my opinion, the latter seems more likely.

    And in the unlikely scenario that the PAP does nothing to address the people’s concerns, I still feel that the PAP is more likely to simply lose more seats than to lose power entirely in the next GE. And if that happens, then surely the PAP will wake up and put in place measures to win back support. Regime change of the sort you are thinking about (PAP to go from 81-6 to losing absolute majority) currently seems inconceivable, unless TJS is a miracle-worker.

    I don’t think the PAP is so keen to lose power that 1) they will do nothing to regain support from now to 2016 and 2) they will do nothing more if they lose more seats in 2016.

  2. henry says:

    Logic tells us that the PAP will remain in power after 2016.
    But I feel that the trust and confidence is lost, and one can underestimate that the “emotional hump” will determine the fate of leaders.

    There is no charisma, no chemistry but disbelief. I can almost hear “boos!” every time I see or hear anyone in white on TV or print media.
    Whatever they do will be viewed with great mistrust. (Including silence.) It seems to be a slippery slope from here on.

  3. KC says:

    I blame the uninformed 60% voter for keeping these thieving rats in office. As for the politicians and their cronies… what do you expect from a pig, but a grunt.

  4. Cheng says:

    //In other words, PAP understands only “武力” and nothing else.//

    P N Balaji asked where we are headed after the BE blow-out and White paper wash-out, I venture to say it will be a slow flame-out for PAP.

    In HK, it took 100,000 turnout over a 10 days continuous protests against the National Education brainwashing program before the government retreated. What do we expect from the meek 5,000 turnout in HLP? What’s that – 0.1% of the 5.3m population and we are patting ourselves on our back? Those who act like sheep will be eaten by wolves. http://biglychee.com/blog/2013/02/19/sheep-city-awakes/

    Meantime, the only way Singaporeans can strengthen our core, is to be reminded of what Rajaratnam has said “Is about Conviction and Choice”. If you have the Conviction to live, work & die here with dignity in Singapore, then make the Choice to boot out those who will blow our moral lights around us, and our citizens’ rights to justice and equality.

    There’s a song by Bruce Springsteen with lyrics that goes :
    My father said “Son, we’re lucky in this town, 
It’s a beautiful place to be born. 
It just wraps its arms around you, 
Nobody crowds you and nobody goes it alone. 
You know that flag flying over the courthouse. 
Means certain things are set in stone, 
Who we are, what we’ll do and what we won’t.”

    What did our flag says? Is aspirational, and things are not set in stone? This nation does not need a new narrative. This nation need to revisit the old political narrative, tear down the irrelevant old myths and half truths, replace those romanticized and fictionalized history, reinterpret what it all means, what we’ll do and what we won’t. That’s what we should do.

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