Singapore’s ‘Million-Man March’

5,000 PEOPLE. AT LEAST. That’s how many turned up at Hong Lim Park today to protest the White Paper on Population.

What I saw and heard today heartened me. But also worried me.

Many of the speakers were fantastic. Easily better than almost all rally speeches in the last elections.

Passionate. Incisive. Speeches filled with vivid images which all Singaporeans can resonate to. Spoken from the heart. Speaker after speaker.

The crowd cheered. Went wild. Shouted slogans. ‘Reject Reject Reject!’, they shouted.

The speaker who stood out was Tan Jee Say, who delivered the coup de grace. Hard-hitting and no-holds barred, he delivered his speech in a statesman-like booming voice. He accused the PAP of ulterior political motives in wanting to add 25,000 new citizens per year to bolster its flagging popular support.

‘The PM has failed us!’ he declared, referring to the PAP’s failure to increase productivity in Singapore 34 years after the Productivity Campaign in 1979, as the crowd roared its assent. ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!’

Yet of all the speakers, only Jee Say called for regime change. Everyone else said they were here to make tjeir objections known to the Govt, but not to make a political protest. Only Jee Say told the crowd plainly, we have three years, and the only way to stop this White Paper is to change the Govt in 2016.

Jee Say is absolutely right. The PAP will not withdraw this White Paper, no matter how many people protest at Hong Lim Park. Yet, where is the alternative?

Jee Say wants people to vote in a new Govt, but which party or parties is running to form a new Govt? WP? SDP? NSP?

All these parties just want to be PAP’s check and balance.

So who do we vote for to get a regime change?

Three years. That’s all the time you have, Mr Tan Jee Say, to find a group of people who want to form a new Govt. That’s all the time you have to persuade WP, SDP and NSP that they should join you in a coalition to challenge the PAP for political power.

This White Paper may well be the tipping point for the next General Election. If you can make this White Paper the focus of 2016, if you can convince the electorate that as head of a new Govt, you will reverse PAP’s misguided White Paper policies and implement your $60B Economic Plan, you may just have a shot at changing the course of politics in Singapore.


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12 Responses to Singapore’s ‘Million-Man March’

  1. Kai says:

    Totally agree with you about Tan Jee Say delivering the “coup de grace.” Somehow, I teared up toward the end, all through singing Majulah Singapura. Quite an emotional moment for me. (Incidentally, I saw you making your way around with your camera through the crowd in front of the stage a few times. Came home to check your blog and not disappointed with your prompt update.)

    • You recognize me? I don’t know you!

      You teared up. And I worried. Will we find 20 good men who want to take on the pap to challenge for power? Can wp, nsp and sdp provide 30 seats to support these 20 good men?

      Can all this be achieved by 2016? Else we have no chance of stopping this White Paper!

      • Kai says:

        Yes, I remember very early on in your blog, you referenced your facebook link once in a post. I clicked on the link which took me to your facebook page, so I had a remembrance of what you looked like. (I couldn’t place you for a few seconds though, ’cause you looked older in person now than your facebook photo. 🙂 )

        Start by telling and explaining to the people around you about the significance and implication of these issues. Let’s hope for the best!

  2. Anon Lim says:

    woah woah woah. don’t raise my hopes too high.

  3. kaffirlime says:

    shouldn’t the PAP be made to clean up the mess it’s created?
    that’s possible if it’s the govt but without a majority in parliament.
    however, it doesn’t have enough good men of the calibre of the
    Old Guard to lead us to the promised land.

  4. DT says:

    Think it’s more likely to be a coalition government between PAP and WP, looking at the current situation (if it *even* comes to that). What do you think of that possibility?

  5. tongpang says:

    The whole thing looked stage. Cant fool all Singaporean. setting up stage, use of microphone , loudhailers, or public sound system in Hong Lim park aren’t they prohibited?

    • It’s not staged. And the rules for the use of Hong Lim Park have been progressively relaxed over the years, so that organisers are not allowed to use sound amplification equipment.

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  7. Singapura our country says:

    The insistence of Singapore’s government that the country is facing ageing and declining population … despite being the third-most densely populated country in the world is simply UNACCEPTABLE AND LOOKED MORE SLANTED TO POLITICALLY MOTIVATED REASON.

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