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I Have Recently Learned That*…

1. When Singaporeans leave for other countries, they are ‘quitters’. But when others come to Singapore, they are ‘talent’. 2. When Singaporeans want to be citizens of other countries, you warn them about being second-class citizens. When others want to … Continue reading

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A Stony Silence

As expected, the (PAP) Govt has maintained a stony silence since Sat, the day of (apparently) the largest non-PAP-sanctioned protest in post-independence Singapore. Where the Ministry of Education apparently saw fit to respond to a Hong Lim Park protest in … Continue reading

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Singapore’s ‘Million-Man March’

5,000 PEOPLE. AT LEAST. That’s how many turned up at Hong Lim Park today to protest the White Paper on Population. What I saw and heard today heartened me. But also worried me. Many of the speakers were fantastic. Easily … Continue reading

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The Grand Illusion of Checks and Balances

Forget all the BS about planning targets and worst-case scenarios.  The writing is on the wall. If the other political parties do not form an alliance to seize power in the next 1-2 General Elections, Singapore will have 6.9m people … Continue reading

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Meet Your MP!

The only thing I appreciate about the Population White Paper is that the PAP has been candid about the number of people it wants to have in Singapore, and the number of foreigners it wants to take in to achieve … Continue reading

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