Prediction for Punggol By-Election

1. Desmond Lim < 4.5% (ie worse than 2011)— Lose deposit again
2. Kenneth Jeyaretnam < Desmond Lim— Lose deposit
3 Lee Li Lian Runner-up after Recount
4 Koh Poh Koon Winner after Recount

Why? PM Lee himself had to come, and again apologise for PAP’s mistakes. His underlings have apparently told him things aren’t going so well for PAP.


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5 Responses to Prediction for Punggol By-Election

  1. Anon says:

    Aiyah .. cannot recount lah .. if recount, pai-seh for PAP right, even if win?? I don’t think the opposition will allow such “manipulation”.

    Anyway, me forecast WP 49%, PAP 47%, remaining 2 idiots about 2% each.

    Not only bcos the ground is sweeter this time for WP. But only today did I realize that in GE2011, Ah Lian only visited 60% of households in the SMC. Even then, got 41% of votes. This time, she’s repeat performance, plus got to intro herself to 100% of households. I think her support will increase. Somemore, this time Ah Lian not competing against “Auntie Killer”. Instead, its against someone who’s giving gaffes after gaffes almost daily.

    If SDA or RP gets around 2% or 3%, they are finished as a party. Not just Desmond or KJ reputation, but SDA and RP parties reputation too. Come GE2016, when the opposition have a pow wow, EVERYBODY will walk over them, whether its WP, SDP, SPP. Why should anyone give up a SMC or GRC to them? Particularly if LKY is gone by then. More and more people will want to jump into opposition politics. WP, SDP slate of candidates will swell. Swell means got ammunition to contest in more areas. They will walk over SDA and RP.

    Desmond and KJ are real stupid. They think just ngeh ngeh stubborn is good enough. They were hoping to prove to WP that no matter how strong you are, as long as I jump in, you will never win. But first time maybe effective, second time – people not stupid. When people start realizing that you got no clothes, they’ll walk over you. They didn’t the last time (GE2011) becos they thought every party is credible. They won’t the next time. They should shut the parties down and members should go join some other parties.

    • 2% difference is a cutoff point where any candidate can demand a recount.

      • Anon says:

        If KPK beats Ah Lian by only 2%, this is still a massive swing from 14% margin in GE2011. Still embarassing, isn’t it? Somemore 4-corner fight this time, not just 3-corner.

        Do you think LHL will thick-skin interpret this as a “win”, a “mandate” or a … “slap”, still?

        What about online community? Yourself?

  2. changeisneeded22 says:

    Next GE, WP should send their troops to Ang Mo Kio GRC, Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC & West Coast GRC where the 2 idiots and their parties last contested. No need to give face anymore.

  3. Kai says:

    Haha! Your predictions all wrong one!! Desmond Lim <<< 4.5% strictly, not Desmond Lim < 4.5%.

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