SDP In Disarray

What a letdown! After weeks of public walkabouts, press conferences and even campaign posters being printed, SDP suddenly says it will not run for Punggol East, despite its importance.

Many have commented on the fallout of such a pullout, especially its impact to SDP’s credibility. But for the Kremlin watchers of old, who used to divine what was happening in the Politburo by noting who was standing next to who during the May Day Rallies, the signs are very clear.

SDP is in disarray, it is divided and Chee is no longer in control.

In the days of the USSR, we would already be making predictions about when the Secretary General will be retiring due to ‘ill-health’ and who will replace him.

That’s the real implication of yesterday’s shock pullout.

Perhaps it’s for the better. SDP should be bigger than Chee, and he alone can not decide the party’s direction.

I wonder when he will retire due to ‘ill-health’.


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One Response to SDP In Disarray

  1. JG says:

    Agree with you, unfortunately. If this is the going to be the end result, they could have avoided some of the “own goals” they scored in the last few days, To me, the most damaging is proposing that WP manage town council, SDP talks in Parliament. Sends the politically wrong message. This will make voters (in the middle) think twice before voting them in.

    Actually, SDP (prior to CSJ being discharged from bankruptcy) was making a name for itself, as the “new SDP”. Some of the good work has come undone. But its not too late. And the party got to show its bigger than CSJ.

    Anyway, heard from the vineyard that PAP is getting a little worried. Unsure now that BE is in the bag. Its now seen as a “must win” for PAP – if they lose, or even if they win with reduced margins, the message from voters is that people still not satisfied with PAP’s “change” after GE2011.

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