Who’s Who In Punggol East?

Should SDP field a medical doctor to challenge PAP’s colo-rectal surgeon? That will serve two purposes: (1) Show that SDP can match PAP candidate for candidate; (2) Show the world that well-educated professionals are not afraid to join SDP*.

Who should WP field? If SDP and PAP both field doctors, can WP field someone of equal ‘calibre’?

SDA has already promised to unveil its candidate next Wed. Will it be Desmond Lim again? For what?

Will KJ aka The Stammerer really run? For what? Maybe he made too much money as a former hedge fund manager.

Botak Pwee wants to run too? As an independent? Again, for what?

I think it will be 3-Horse Contest (PAP, SDP, WP). Even if spoilers such as KJ, Desmond Lim and Ben Pwee join the fray, they’ll be the marginal, forgotten candidates at best.

Stay tuned!

* Too bad the SDP doctor candidate isn’t very coherent in his public speaking. They really should field their teacher-babe, with her winning smile and super-bubbly personality.


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3 Responses to Who’s Who In Punggol East?

  1. cy says:

    grapevine talk is that gerald giam will be fielded.

  2. Jafri Basron says:

    Do not let the People Action Party (PAP) has the last laugh …. ordinary Singapore must ensure that another alternative party individual will be in the Parliament …..

  3. bongkinchen says:

    Neither WP or SDP or any other alternative besides the incumbent will be the first-past-the-post. Remember there is no final run-off !!! The first MINORITY to pass the post would probably be the incumbent as in the last Presidential Election. The principle of true majority with more than 50% as in well tested democracy is therefore VERY BADLY FLAW in our election process. So how do you unify this SMC or even the Nation without undisputed majority elected support ?? The FINAL-RUN-OFF must be implemented quickly for our TOTAL UNITY or we undoubtedly risk tearing the nation apart !! This is basic POLITICAL INTEGRITY and MORALITY for the elected right to govern. Are the incumbents politically and morally incompetent in insidiously perpetuating politcal power in this regard ?? You tell me !!

    You know, I know, Singaporeans know that. Why the political circus clowns don’t know about multi-corner election tussle in splitting votes ???? Is it really about political “RE-BRANDING”? More like, “POLITCAL DE-BRANDING”!!! The electorate will never, never, ever forget how these political morons help the incumbent to retain Punggol SMC exactly like the last Presidential Election !!!! Political Idiots never can learn. The nincompoops just have to repeat the mistake !!!!

    CONSIDER THIS : As the ultimate tactical to win solution in this Punggol husting, all the Alternatives should MUTUALLY AGREE and SERIOUSLY SUPPORT in imploring Dr TAN C B to contest in a one to one against the incumbent as an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE or under ANY ALTERNATIVE PARTY BANNER he chooses. This ensures avoiding the acrimonious political horse-trading and idiotic multi-corner tussle amongst the bloated moronic prima donnas who can’t see beyond their big noses in how to win this by-election for the ALTERNATIVES. Who is unhappy at this suggestion, pl come out with a better proposal ??

    Enough of rhetoric soudbites, practical solutions are more needed. These are strategic practical poltical branding to imbue the thoughts of the electorate.

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