One Shrewd PM

You got to hand it to him: LHL is one shrewd PM.

The day the GE 2011 was over, he cut Raymond Lim and Mah Bow Tan, to satisfy those who bayed for blood in public transport and housing. He got Khaw to build more flats. He’s cutting the no of foreign workers. He overruled his Transport Minister and ordered a full Committee of Inquiry into the MRT breakdowns last year, so that the blame could be legitimately dished out. He’s got Gan Kim Yong to ‘review’ how much the Govt will fund healthcare, which basically means he wants Singaporeans to pay less. He even tripped over himself in trying to cut his own salary and that of his Ministers, almost immediately after the 2011 General Election.

And now, knowing that he blundered by holding back the Hougang by-election for so long, he’s called a snap by-election in Punggol East.

He realizes now he can’t avoid calling a by-election; politically, he’ll look like a coward. So instead of delaying the inevitable, he’s chosen to get it out of the way, as soon as possible. 

He’s got it figured out. He’s got even chances in a one-on-one contest with WP, despite the AIM mess. And he’s got better than even chances if the other parties trip over themselves to join a multi-cornered fight. He doesn’t care if he scrapes by with 39.9% to win. Maybe he’ll even collect a few scalps to boot, as the other parties lose their electoral deposits in a  free-for-all.

I only hope the other parties are smart enough to see through the PAP’s strategy.

Will they fall over themselves in an attempt to “test their brand”, engage in internecine warfare and have the privilege of losing $16,500 each? Will they unite behind a WP candidate?

It all depends on how stubborn some party leaders are, and how big their egos are.

We shall soon find out.


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6 Responses to One Shrewd PM

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  2. smartiegal says:

    Agree with that.
    At the end of the day, it is all about winning the by-election, and it is important that opp party win this by-election to show that people are displeased over PAP.

    Opp parties and voters should ask themselves this very simple question:
    Do you want a opp party to win in by-election without vote dilution ? OR
    Do you want your favourite opp party to go on suicidal mission, wasting your money and effort to contest in multi-corner fights to feed the party’s ego and publicity, which will surely let PAP win ?

    It is not even a question of whether PAP will win in multiple corner given that they will surely win with convincingly amount the more the people diversely support opp parties.

  3. Ah Leong says:


  4. 4Democracy says:

    WP should step aside and let SDP take on the PAP. WP accepts the system as it is and therefore has not been willing to fix it. This was amply demonstrated by their lacklustre performance in parliament. SDP should be allowed in to slap both the driver and co-driver.

    • Alan says:

      At the moment SDP has still not enjoy as much support as the WP has with the voters. SDP should not contest but give their full support to WP to mount a formidable challenge to tackle PAP rather than to commit suicide and ends up in a worse postion.

      Supposing if WP cannot win over PAP, is not the chance of SDP performing worse much greater than that of the WP? So for the sake of opposition unity, can the other opposition parties please be gracious enough to allow WP to fight this battle against the common & evil enemy

  5. Paul Peters says:

    U guys talk like kids…..masak-masak politics? One poarty give way to the other? Yaks.

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