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One More or One Less Seat Does Not Matter?

Prior to the by-election, some parties were arguing that WP already has six seats, it should let other parties contest Punggol East because one more seat doesn’t change anything for them. They’re wrong. To a small party like WP, one … Continue reading

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Congratulations Ms Lee!

Amazing victory! You not only won, but won convincingly by majority vote, even in a four-horse race. You did better than even Dr Tony Tan to win by more than 50%. You’ve done us proud! KJ, Desmond– Sorry guys, but … Continue reading

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Prediction for Punggol By-Election

1. Desmond Lim < 4.5% (ie worse than 2011)— Lose deposit again 2. Kenneth Jeyaretnam < Desmond Lim— Lose deposit 3 Lee Li Lian Runner-up after Recount 4 Koh Poh Koon Winner after Recount Why? PM Lee himself had to … Continue reading

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Punggol East Humour II

Q: Please introduce yourself. Koh Poh Koon: I am a son of Punggol KJ: I am the son of JBJ Desmond Lim: I am a son of M1 Lee Li Lian: I am a son of…, no wait, I am … Continue reading

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Punggol East Humour

Q: Why did SDP withdraw from Punggol East? A: Because all of Danny’s proposers and assenters were under 21… the majority were under 6 years old. Q: Why did PAP nominate Dr Koh, a colo-rectal surgeon? A: It was Dr … Continue reading

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SDP In Disarray

What a letdown! After weeks of public walkabouts, press conferences and even campaign posters being printed, SDP suddenly says it will not run for Punggol East, despite its importance. Many have commented on the fallout of such a pullout, especially … Continue reading

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The Importance of Punggol-East To SDP

Despite a pretext of opposition ‘collaboration‘, there is a real and valid reason why SDP must contest Punggol East, even though it will likely lose. Because SDP needs to stop WP before it becomes impossible. If SDP lets WP contest … Continue reading

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