What Was Going Thru Their Heads

PM: You dickhead! Why can’t you control yourself? My wife so ugly, i also don’t have affair! Now look what you’ve done! If I don’t call a by-election, people will say I scared of WP! I will have no moral authority to lead if people think I scared of WP!

WP: Ho say liau! Kio Tio Liau! Lai lai lai ah!

CSJ: Should I go on hunger strike until PM calls a by-election?

KJ: Must somehow find a link between Punggol East and my late father to give me legitimacy to run there…

SPP: I got no candidates to offer anyway. Might as well ‘por’ WP a bit.

NSP: Nicole Seah prettier than Li Lian, we sure win one…

TJS: I must be prepared to serve in any capacity….

TKL: If I run, will I lose my deposit again?

TCB: If I run, will TJS sabo me again?

Benjamin Pwee: Elect me! Don’t worry, I not handsome, guarantee won’t have affair one!


About politicalwritings

Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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One Response to What Was Going Thru Their Heads

  1. henry says:

    Ha! Ha!.. thanks for the weekend humour!

    It is a gamble for them to vacate a seat and subject it to a by-election. They must be pretty cock-sure that the damage can be controlled and that the seat will be retained. Surely, they do not need an experiential event to determine the people’s mood or the opposition’s abilities?

    I wonder what went through their minds during the pow wow….

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