My Choice For Punggol-East: Nicole Seah!

So MP Michael Palmer has had to resign for his extramarital affair. If the PM does call an election next year, my choice of candidate would be Nicole Seah.

First, she’s intelligent, eloquent, beautiful and passionate about serving the people.

Second, I think she’s more popular than any other ‘opp’ candidate at this time.

Third, I think she’s a breath of fresh air, it’s good for the people to see what NSP can offer, rather than keep going back to WP.

But the spanner in the works has got to be Dr Chee. If he runs, I think all hell will break loose from the PAP machinery.

Notwithstanding the above, what if WP wins the by-election? Will it be forced to give up one of its ncmp seats? The Constitution says ncmps are just there to make up the numbers, in case less than 9 opp mp’s are elected. But if wp wins, there’ll be 10 opp mp’s in total. Would the Constitution require the removal of the lowest scoring ncmp?


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9 Responses to My Choice For Punggol-East: Nicole Seah!

  1. Civil Serpent says:

    Dr Chee would be awesome, but would he be able to win the popular vote?

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  3. Ace says:

    Gerald Giam would be a good candidate and if he wins, he simply move from a NCMP to a MP.

  4. cy says:

    don’t think the constitution allows removal of a NCMP due to opposition getting one more seat through by-election. if so, the lowest score loser, in this case, Lina Chiam should be worried and not WP.

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  6. LinCH says:

    Gerald Giam and Dr Chee would be good. Not Nicole Seah. She can only pander to popularity.

  7. Ah Leong says:

    I am for NS!!! Go girl!!

  8. Julie Ong says:

    Not true. I believe Ms Nicole Seah is genuine. She will speak frankly although it may expose her
    vulnerability. She is focused on social issues such as the disadvantaged and poor.

    No one should despise her youth. Or perhaps they should despise my advance age which is the sixties. The best and most committed to lead the nation – that should be the way to go.

    The PAP today is like the cigarette brand that says: ‘When only the best will do’. Like cigarettes the government will surely send us down the drain. Butt the PAP out!

  9. Julie Ong says:

    Oops! My earlier post was actually in defence of the criticisms levelled at Ms Nicole Seah.
    So this follow up post is to clarify my comments which would otherwise not quite make sense.

    Nicole will not be running for the Punggol by-election. She will certainly be a worthy member of parliament if she should decide to contest General Election 2016 and gets duly elected.

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