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13 Wishes For Singapore Politics In 2013

1. That the PM calls a by-election in Punggol East. 2. That the PAP loses Punggol East. 3. That CSJ doesn’t do anything stupid to get himself barred from elections. Again. 4. That RP is dissolved. The son is really … Continue reading

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What Was Going Thru Their Heads

PM: You dickhead! Why can’t you control yourself? My wife so ugly, i also don’t have affair! Now look what you’ve done! If I don’t call a by-election, people will say I scared of WP! I will have no moral … Continue reading

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My Choice For Punggol-East: Nicole Seah!

So MP Michael Palmer has had to resign for his extramarital affair. If the PM does call an election next year, my choice of candidate would be Nicole Seah. First, she’s intelligent, eloquent, beautiful and passionate about serving the people. … Continue reading

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SMRT– And By Extension Singapore– On Steroids

I didn’t know it was this bad. Apparently SMRT imports foreign drivers from China by the busload on 2-year contracts, houses them 8-to-a-room in worker dormitories and provides buses to ferry them to and from their depots at the start … Continue reading

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