An ‘Illegal’ Strike

You got to hand it to the ‘nation-building’ mainstream media.

First they don’t dare to call a strike a strike until some Govt minister admits the obvious.

Now they preface every mention of ‘strike’ with ‘illegal’, to reinforce the PAP’s agenda that workers have no right to strike.

Well, I’ve never read about illegal molest, illegal robbery or illegal murder– only illegal strikes.


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5 Responses to An ‘Illegal’ Strike

  1. bongkinchen says:

    Who causes the unhappiness in the first place. Are these due to INEPT personnel management policies and no empathy of governance ??
    Compensation packages must not and never be based on different nationalities, colour, creed or religion. It must be based soley on the criteria of job responsiblities and duty performances. The basic remuneration must be the same for all similiar category of such QUALIFIED employees. From the gross salary, there must be no deduction, except the mandatory statutory employee’s portion of CPF. Any other company provision of fringe deductible benefits like board/lodging and transport charges associated with foreign recruited employees can only be deducted from their basic wages upon the written consented of such foreign individual affected employees. These holy grail of personnel practices are basic and well established legally. Or don’t the elite and book-smart but street-stupid mangement know about that ??
    Such items are considered as additional employment expenses of foreign workers. They do not comprise as part and parcel of the basic wages and do not impact further CPF.
    Why are there no suitable open-channels of communication and monitoring existing for better industrial relations in such a vital large organisation?? Who is sleeping on such responsibilties of proper personnel administration??
    Such unhappiness on the job by disgruntled foreign bus-driver-employees create a real and present dangerous environment upon the passengers, on our roads and to others !!!! Such ugly “accidents” are waiting to happen !!! And who is to blame ???
    Further amenable actions must effectively resolve and not aggravate the serious moronic problem. In this instance, the law must not be BLIND. The law must be in full cognisant of the situation. The Big Brother is watching very intently.

    Overhaul the Personnel Dept for not doing enough on their responsibilities and duties. The Dept must work out a higher standard of comprehesive programme in preventing “fires” for greater industrial relations harmony. The positive created atmosphere can be honed into higher performance of work productivity through employee-induced motivation. Instead the tackling of this “strike” is just dousing “fires” that has already seriously impair negatively the corporate image. To a very greater extent our Singapore Inc hard-won brand of righteousness and conscientious fair play have been irreparably gone to the dogs because of under-par discharge of this funcional responsibilities by this personnel management. Some equitable deterrent penalty must be imposed for such management incompetency if the “strikers” are punished through no fault of their own in the first instance.

    How can this be a “STRIKE” according to the Industrial Relations Act?? Are these individual bus drivers members of a union or a registered trade body or an organisatinal entity?? Are these bus drivers in a position to give notice of industrial action?? How many such notices must be issued to the employer ?? 171 notices or last count of 206 notices ??? At most the bus drivers can only be penalised for not turning up for work without sufficient valid reasons. So ?? Probably, the right thing to do, compassionatelly, is salary deduction of 1 or 2 days of absentee unless the terms of contract specify otherwise. But “Strike” it certainly is NOT.

    DISGRUNTLED vehicle drivers are, undoubtedly, dangerous on the roads, to themselves, passengers and other road users. They are mentally not stable because of such lingering unhappiness and therefore less alert in maneouvring the heavy vehicles they handled. Are more traffic accidents going to happen ??? Who is at fault, the vehicle drivers or the perpetrators of such unhappiness in the first place of being incompetent on their job responsibilities ??.

    • henry says:

      “…Compensation packages must not and never be based on different nationalities, colour, creed or religion. “

      Its practiced in one premium airline that I know, where some nationalities are paid more despite the job roles are exactly the same. They are just deployed on specific circumstance. The local staff are always kept in the dark about the differences in salaries, citing private contracts. The union too is muzzled. To rub salt in, these “other nationalities are also competing for promotions!

      This has been going on for decades. No law has been broken though.

      • LinCH says:

        I know the carrier. I know. Ang Moh engineers get paid more than locals. Local engineers look after more than a few aircraft types. Ang Moh just one. This type of practice is abhorable and many engineers are right frustrated, but they dare not do anything being typical Sinkees. We should not condone such practices.

  2. fedora says:

    Proper management in Singapore is rare these days.
    Too many believe that saying ‘Shut up and sit down”,
    is the way to handle staff, because that’s the way the
    govt has been treating citizens for decades.

    On the roads, I fear not so much the bus drivers, who
    seem a thinking sort (hey they went on strike, rather
    than mowed down pple!). The most dangerous lot are
    the pple who drive fast cars. The number I encounter
    beating red lights and doing a slew of really wild things
    on the road these days is incredible. And I’m not talking
    of illegal U turns, which is minor in comparison.

    The LTA would do far better going after these pple
    rather than sneaking around fining pple and dispensing
    points for trivial parking offences.

    Lives are not involved in those things. But a car which
    speeds up a distance away from a traffic junction when
    the lights turn yellow, and then hurtles through a second
    after the lights for cars driving at right angles to his road
    turns green, is a total menace.

    Thsi happened at the Telok Kurau/East Coast Rd junction
    2 mights ago. The dark coloured car could be heard turning
    up the power as he raced towards Siglap. Then he flew across
    the junction as drivers of vehicles on both sides of Telok Kurau
    stared in disbelief. How late can one be at 12.45am?

    While the death of that car’s driver would not matter, that he
    might take the lives of inocent pple like the Ferrari driver did,
    is a cause of great concern.

    And then there is the fellow (oddly, driving a very similar car as
    the light beater) in Still Road, who cut across a turn lane and a
    lane for cars going straight towards Marine Parade, to turn into
    East Coast Road towards Katong. Again as the lights turned yellow.
    Again betw midnight and 1am. This barely 4 days ago.

  3. Saycheese says:

    Easier to catch stationary target like illegal parking. LTA officers are not dignified enough to risk their lives chasing after speeding supercars.

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