A Brilliant Guy Who Doesn’t Get It

(The ISA) gives the power to the government to detain people without going through the due process of the courts. Once you have such a structure, is there a possibility of abuse? Of course… so that’s the risk,” he acknowledged. However, he pointed out, “Society has got to decide between that risk, or the risk that an incident might actually occur, and then you have to ask yourself, ‘What are the consequences of each of the two risks materialising? What is the impact on Singapore?’ and then people have to choose.”— From Yahoo Singapore

Why doesn’t he get it? The problem with the ISA is not its abuse vis a vis terrorist incidents and terror suspects.

The problem is that the PAP govt has used it against political opponents.

Frankly, only the most hardened human rights campaigners would use Mas Selamat or other such detainees as their poster child for their anti-ISA cause.

“FREE MAS SELAMAT!” just doesn’t cut any ice with the public, and they know it. They know that people would rather feel safe than sorry, even if such alleged terror suspects have their rights violated by detention without having committed any crime.

Yet Mr Shanmugam conveniently sidesteps the questions relating to Operation Coldstore and the so-called Marxist plots of 1987 because he’s no longer at the Home Affairs ministry.

Perhaps he wants to say, it’s not my fault, I wasn’t even in Govt then, go ask someone else?

Or maybe he has no authority to apologise to the politicians and activists who were rounded up in the past for their political beliefs?

Or perhaps he hopes people will forget the PAP’s unjust actions in the fullness of time?

They don’t get it, they don’t care, they never will.


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2 Responses to A Brilliant Guy Who Doesn’t Get It

  1. sputz says:

    Can a person be brilliant if he doesn’t get something so basic
    and in your face?
    And if he does, but denies it, what does that say about him?

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