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An ‘Illegal’ Strike

You got to hand it to the ‘nation-building’ mainstream media. First they don’t dare to call a strike a strike until some Govt minister admits the obvious. Now they preface every mention of ‘strike’ with ‘illegal’, to reinforce the PAP’s … Continue reading

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Shame On You, PAP!

Update 27 Nov: Police seen again at dormitory after 60 of the 102 strikers did not turn up for work. I do not understand this. How can sending in the police to those who don’t want to work help settle … Continue reading

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Public Speaking #1

LKY once said that for a surgeon, the scalpel is his chief tool, and for a politician, it is words. Watching the US Presidential elections, how well the candidates are able to speak, without notes, with conviction and passion in … Continue reading

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A Brilliant Guy Who Doesn’t Get It

“(The ISA) gives the power to the government to detain people without going through the due process of the courts. Once you have such a structure, is there a possibility of abuse? Of course… so that’s the risk,” he acknowledged. … Continue reading

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