PAP The Wedge

Lawrence Wong just wrote a piece called “Politics drives a wedge in society.”

He makes a good point about how politics is causing divisions. He highlighted the recent ‘Spot the PAP party member’ contest when Mediacorp invited a group of 50 people to the PM’s conversation forum.

He says, “Politics is important. But surely we do not want to end up in a situation where every activity or conversation in this country becomes politicised, where our people are polarized by political beliefs, where Singaporeans are set against Singaporeans based on creed or political affiliation.

“More importantly, when decent people step forward to be part of a genuine national effort to welcome our overseas guests, or volunteer their time to be part of a national TV forum with the PM, and yet get vilified by their fellow citizens, then we really should pause and reflect, and ask ourselves whether this is the kind of society we want.

“Politics can drive a wedge between us and divide our society. Or it can be a force for good, to bring our people together, and to build a stronger and better Singapore.”

Mr Wong, your remarks make perfect sense—until you realise why these things happened.

This is PAP’s retribution for 50 years of PAP’s hegemony.

In the US, no one bats an eyelid if you’re a Republican supporter. They don’t bat an eyelid if you’re a Democrat. Or even if you’re a Tea Party supporter.

If the PAP didn’t make politics so difficult and expensive for other parties and for the people at large, we wouldn’t be in the state we are in today.

Do you know that people were scared to be seen with ‘opposition’ parties in the past? That they were afraid that if they voted for ‘opposition’, the Govt might know and do bad things to them?

Do you know people are scared to join ‘opposition’ political parties, or to even donate to them because their particulars are recorded?

Do you know that the PAP stifled the genuine expression of criticism, that they branded ‘opposition’ politicians as opposing for the sake of opposing, that they proclaimed that people will repent if they vote for ‘opposition’?

Do you know that ‘opposition’ politicians have been jailed, fined, sued and bankrupted?

With all these legacy, how do you expect people to trust the PAP? Why shouldn’t people be cynical? Why should they embrace the PAP?

Things are changing, eg. the willingness to discharge Chee Soon Juan is a good start.

But if the PAP really wants to be loved, it must accept that it cannot be the dominant political party. It cannot want to control all aspects of Singaporeans’ lives and it cannot want to stifle other parties.

Are you willing to pay the price, Mr Wong? More importantly, what about your party leadership?


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Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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9 Responses to PAP The Wedge

  1. JG says:

    When the WP tried to hold a cycling event, a permit was deemed required because this is a “political event” and of course, a permit wasn’t granted. The process was “politicised”.

    The Govt blatantly used, and made it clear that this is a legitimate policy, the People’s Association, essentially as a funded-by-the-Govt tool of the PAP. The entire organisation was “politicised”.

    No upgrading if you vote for the opposition. Asset enhancement is “politicised” on the basis that this is a PAP initiated program. When asked if this means that those living in opposition wards can be exempted from NS, because NS was also a PAP initiated program, the answer of course was no, because we shouldn’t “politicise” NS.

    Why are PAP Foundation kindergartens given govt subsidies? Why are PAP Meet-the-people’s sessions held in PAP Foundation kindergartens? Why should something politicised be granted subsidies?

    Mr. Lawrence Wong – welcome to the world created by the PAP. When you start taking a look at yourself in the mirror, it ain’t so pretty isn’t it ??

  2. err.

    “When the WP tried to hold a cycling event, a permit was deemed required because this is a “political event” and of course, a permit wasn’t granted. The process was “politicised”.”

    — so does PAP get to hold cycling events without permits? Or have they done so in the past, and it was deemed a social event? This point is invalid without proof of the contrary — if PAP also needs a permit then it is moot.

    Why wasn’t a permit granted? Was it applied for? Was something wrong with the paperwork? Is there something we don’t know?

  3. Anonymoose says:

    I want to point out that the pledge is no more than a highfalutin idea and that any functioning society would have similar infrastructure that Lawrence posted about. Keeping that in mind, he has failed to touch on the many discomforts faced by the average Singaporean.

  4. Fakey Pea A Pea says:


    Yo bro, in the same month that WP was forbidden to hold a cycling event (because one retarded minister said it would cause chaos as people would try to approach the WP MP as he went cycling), your PM Lee held his own cycling event leh. The only difference hor, was that the PM had sneakily made use of a “non-partisan” organization that bears a similar logo to his own party.

    See? That is why Singaporeans are damned pissed off with PAP and are becoming good at the “spotting game” eg spot the double standards, spot the PAP members in NATCON, spot the invisible hand on the archbishop etc etc.

  5. Will says:

    Welcome to your baptism of fire, Mr Wong. If the the kitchen gets too hot, why don’t you just bolt out and leave. Politics is dirty and be prepared to get dirt thrown at you, not obscene amount of money. The royal couple should have attended the National “Con”versation, it was wayang at the highest level, not something one get to see often.

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  7. henry says:

    Mr Wong, your knowledge and skills can be put to good use. Join the WP or the SDP or even the NP.. support the people rather than be the critic and go no where. You have it in you. Be strong, and allow your convictions to guide you.

    Change teams, you’ll be better.

  8. Singaporean says:

    Very well written.

    PAP has politicized each and every institution of the society. So it is rather strange that Lawrence Wong is acting like a cry baby.

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