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The Empire Strikes Back

FACTUALLY. That’s the latest in a string of initiatives by the Govt to provide ‘factual’ information to counter the myths and untruths from anti-PAP online users, which the PAP probably thinks contributed to its worst election showing in 50 years. … Continue reading

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PAP The Wedge

Lawrence Wong just wrote a piece called “Politics drives a wedge in society.” He makes a good point about how politics is causing divisions. He highlighted the recent ‘Spot the PAP party member’ contest when Mediacorp invited a group of … Continue reading

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On Separation of Church and State

Separation of Church and State, as far as western democracies go, does not mean that religious leaders and organisations cannot hold political views or endorse political candidates. It does not even mean that the Church cannot take part in politics. … Continue reading

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19 Points & Three Steps Back for the PAP Govt

From online postings and media reports, we can be fairly certain of the following: The Archbishop did send a letter of support to Function 8 on its anti-ISA event It was unsolicited. The letter contained ‘warm words’. The Archbishop then … Continue reading

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Conversation? What Conversation?

There’s three types of people who may be interested in the national ‘conversation’. Unfortunately, only two types have shown up, while the third feels distinctly uninvited. The first (and largest) group are those with day-to-day concerns. They want to talk … Continue reading

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$30,0000.. And The Implications For Singapore Politics

Many have written about the magnanimity of the two old men in accepting $30,000 as a full discharge of Chee’s bankruptcy. But the implications of their actions are far more important for Singapore politics than mere magnanimity. $30,000 is not … Continue reading

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Was it worth it? Is it worth it?

So LauGoh & Harry have decided to let Chee back into the ring. If Chee can raise $30,000 to discharge himself, and if he stays out of trouble with the law for the next three years, he should be able … Continue reading

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