Is This What We Really Want?

Apparently the SMRT’s bus drivers union has appealed to Lim Swee Say for help in their wage dispute.

Some are therefore looking at this as a test case, to see whether Lim Swee Say is a JLB (Jia Liow Bee) minister or if he can actually do anything for Singaporeans.

I sure hope Mr Lim keeps out of this, and that the union can take matters in its own hands rather than go cry-baby to the Govt.

Gosh– this is the equivalent of ‘cher, Ah Kow bully me’ syndrome!

If the management did not break any laws, there is no reason to get the Govt involved. Even if they did break laws, the right thing to do would be to go to industrial court, not cry-baby to the Govt!

How can we have independent trade unions– which is the one key institution that can fight fair deals for employees– if they are all so dependent on the Govt? Do they not realize that such ‘symbiotic’ ties simply bind us closer to the PAP?

This is not good for Singapore’s political development.

If Lim Swee Say succeeds in brokering a deal, he’ll be revered as a hero and help entrench PAP’s dominance further, and he’ll be making speeches again about the wonderful tri-partite system PAP advocates.

And Singaporeans will never wake up.

Does anybody remember how LKY stepped in to discipline ALPA-S when it had a wage dispute with SIA? If SIA is run as a commercial company– as all Temasek holdings companies are claimed to be– what is the basis for the old man to step in with his talk of broken heads? There are established ways to resolve commercial disputes, why are they not used? If SIA pilots need to strike to get what they want, so be it.

Why do we tolerate politicians intervening in commercial wage disputes of a commercial company? If there is no law which the Govt can use to order the pilots or management about, then they have no right to intervene. I’m pretty sure ALPA-S didn’t appeal to LKY at that time, so what was the basis for management to bring in PAP politicians to intervene in a wage dispute of a commercial company?

If this pattern is not broken, if people still run to the Govt at the first sign of disagreement, what hope is there for political reform in Singapore?


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12 Responses to Is This What We Really Want?

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  2. Shahid says:

    Lim Swee Say is the Sec Gen for NTUC. Thats why he is involved.

  3. Daniel Lee says:

    Political reform has to be seized or forced upon. No government in power will willingly give up power for ‘democracy’.

    Under that law, strikes are illegall as far as essential services are concerned. Transport workers is defined as under such services. Wonder no more why there is no strike here. Bosses make full use of this at the expense of workers. It’s not that easy as you think viz “Independent” trade unions?

    • Yes. Policemen, firemen, military, etc are all designated as essential workers who cannot strike. That does not mean unions cannot be independent. Do you know what independent means?

      • There is no independent union here. It’s a fact. No point arguing ir talking when there is none.

      • Weird logic. By that reasoning, there’s no democracy here so no point arguing or talking about that either. Ditto, no gay rights, so no pt arguing or talking about that. No viable opposition, no human rights, no….

    • Goodboy says:

      you might want to know that to childish Pappies if there is no protest of any kind, it means we automatically consent to Pappy’s . On the other hand, they tell you that public protest is illegal and yet mock us that if there is no protest, it implies that we agree with them.

      In their own words :
      ““People support CPF cuts because there are no protest outside parliament.” – PM Lee”

  5. sputz says:

    Singaporeans are cry-babies. Complain about too much govt control, then run to the govt asking for help for the smallest thing. About time people here tried doing things themselves. And i don’t mean waiting for the 2016 GE, when they hope to thrust solving problems onto someone else.

  6. henry says:

    SQ was and still is… ” too big to fail” and its inability to resolve labour issues would give the impression of a failed state. A notion that is completely unpalatable to one man. The drum roll would have stopped. That’s why his appearance.

    The drivers were fooled in the 1st instance, and now they turn to big brother for help.

    Our unionists are very stupid and easily fooled. Those who are sharp have been neutered and
    inducted into the bowels of big brother.They are easily bought over.

    Then again this may present an opportunity for LSS to display his alter ego:
    Zorro! one who fights for the wronged and punish the evil ones.

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