What Wasted Talent! What Utter Lack Of Vision!

Apparently Dr Chee celebrated his 50th birthday recently, with the launch of a new book to pay for his ‘offer’ to settle his bankruptcy cases with our PAP leaders for $30,000 when they have been awarded more than $600,000.

Apparently he wishes to do this so he can lead the SDP in contesting elections in 2016, something he cannot do if he is still an undischarged bankrupt then.

Yet his leadership apparently is still all about ‘speaking out’ against the Government.

I can’t help but lament the great waste of such a talented and passionate man. 20 years in the wilderness. Bankrupted, sued, jailed, condemned as a political gangster. He took it all like a man. Yet, he has no ambitions to lead the country, no wish to be the next PM, no desire to see the exit of the PAP.

Fighting almost half his life. And all he wants is to speak out till the Govt changes. But he doesn’t want to change the Govt, he doesn’t want to fight an election to not just be an MP, but to fight for the right to govern Singapore.

Is it worth it? What he went thru? All just for a chance to speak out?

Are there real political leaders out there, from other than the PAP? People who want to actually change things, throw out the old order, bring in a new order. Not just speak out? People like Gandhi, who threw out the British and led India to independence. Or Mao, or Castro, or George Washington?

The point is, if you’re willing to suffer 20 years and counting, you are really made of stern stuff, and you must have big dreams. No one suffers 20 or 30 years just to be someone’s checker and balancer.

Or does this not apply in Singapore?


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7 Responses to What Wasted Talent! What Utter Lack Of Vision!

  1. Kelvin Wong says:

    Its dangerous idea to seek change just for the sake of it. The three that you talked about, castro, gandhi amd mao led by their charisma. Change does occur of course but did you know at what cost to the people and the country?

    • Thanks.

      It is not the change itself that is my topic. It is the fact that, after suffering 20 years of political hardship, Dr Chee’s aims still remain so modest.

      If all he wanted is to speak up, he should have followed Low Thia Kiang, run quietly and get into Parliament. Why all the demonstrations? Why the hunger strikes? Why all the protests? Why do all the things he did?

      And after suffering all that, he doesn’t want to change the Govt?

  2. grace says:

    In the western countries, Mr Chee would be termed an activist. I have read many of his articles and I respect his opinions. Is there anything wrong with just wanting to speak out? This is the problem with Sgpreans, when one speaks up, he is immediately expected to DO something abt it or COME UP with a SOLUTION to the issues raised. This is the mentality that keeps sgpreans in fear of speaking up becos they are made to beleive that if you do not have a solution do not speak up. This is similar to the sgp classroom mentality, do not really ask a question unless you are confident that the question is a smart one. How can one really learn than? Before any change can happen, ppl need to first have a good understanding of the issues and gradually the action will come, it may not necessarily come from the person who raised the issues.

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  4. roni63 says:

    If you are unaware, Dr. Chee and the SDP party has proposed many alternative plans, such as healthcare, education, housing, etc. And it is really surprising that you should mention Ghandhi and then talk about Dr. Chee and his hunger strike. Ghandhi himself went on a hunger strike for the same reason that Dr. Chee did – to protest against the unfair abuse of power by those in governance.

    And just because Dr. Chee speaks out, it does not mean that what he says has no truth or merit. In no other country will you find politicians sued for speaking out against their opponents, except in Singapore. The courts ruled against Dr. Chee and made him a bankrupt, just as the courts ruled against JBJ and bankrupted him.

    There are many ways one can lead this nation to a change in governance. LTK’s way is not the only way. And are you not over stating things when you say, “Why all the hunger strikes?”, when he did it just once? And where did you read that allowed you the assumption that Dr. Chee does not want a change in government?

    • Has Dr Chee ever spoken of forming a coalition govt, as has Tan Jee Say? Has Dr Chee ever made any statements that he wants to be the next PM? Who is his Shadow Finance Minister? Shadow Defence Minster? Etc?

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