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The Art Of Compromise

What’s a Poor PM to do? If he repeals the law, he’s gonna lose his support base among the conservatives, and he probably won’t get enough support from the LGBT community to make up for that loss. I’m of course … Continue reading

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Winners & Losers In 20 Years

The US Constitution allows only citizens born in the US to become President. Perhaps it’s time that Singapore does the same for our PM’s position. I believe what Mr Lee said last Sat will come to pass: that because of … Continue reading

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Mr Lee Still Doesn’t Get It

According to the nation-building Straits Times, Mr Lee said that 65,000 babies were born each year when he took office in 1959, much more than today, even though the population has doubled to 5.26M. He added: “Our educated men and … Continue reading

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Is This What We Really Want?

Apparently the SMRT’s bus drivers union has appealed to Lim Swee Say for help in their wage dispute. Some are therefore looking at this as a test case, to see whether Lim Swee Say is a JLB (Jia Liow Bee) … Continue reading

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Why Are We Buying Medals?

So much of the talk is about whether Singapore should be proud of Feng Tianwei’s bronze medal because she’s not a “true-blue” Singaporean. To the extent that they have forgotten the actors behind the scenes. The SSC. MCYS. And effectively, … Continue reading

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What Wasted Talent! What Utter Lack Of Vision!

Apparently Dr Chee celebrated his 50th birthday recently, with the launch of a new book to pay for his ‘offer’ to settle his bankruptcy cases with our PAP leaders for $30,000 when they have been awarded more than $600,000. Apparently … Continue reading

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