PM & The Bogeyman

Like his father before hum, PM Lee has again “cautioned” against the possibility of racial riots if new citizens don’t integrate with native citizens.

Oh, come off it! Every time something doesn’t go PAP’s way, you call in the racial bogeyman?

Mas Selamat escaped—oh, we mustn’t blame the Malay/Muslim community!

‘Native’ Singaporean’s unhappiness with foreigners is NOT about racial hatred, racial bias or racial harmony.

I postulate Singaporeans who are really anti-foreigner DO NOT differentiate by race. They are equally anti-foreigner to all races of foreigners.

More importantly, it is insulting to say Singaporeans are anti-foreigner. Most of them, even those who are unhappy with the presence of foreigners, are not xenophobic per se.

Indeed, they may have many foreigner friends.

What they hate is the crush created by the presence of huge numbers of foreigners, the competition for jobs caused by foreigners, the depression of their salaries as a result of such competition, the unabated rise in property prices due to foreigners, and the perception that foreigners have the benefits of living and working in Singapore without the price citizens have to pay, such as NS.

I thus postulate that those who realise that it is not foreigners per se, but Govt policies, which have caused the above problems, have transferred their anger to the Govt.

Mr Lee— no matter how hard foreigners try to fit in or ‘integrate’ into Singapore, it will not relieve the above problems, which are caused by numbers, not by cultural differences.

Mr Lee— We are tired of your racial harmony bogeyman. Please solve the real problems and stop lecturing us.


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One Response to PM & The Bogeyman

  1. figures says:

    thank you.

    going by the figures, i note there are about 6.4 million pple on this island – now.
    5.18 million (citizens, PRs, other foreigners)
    1.2 million tourists (april’s figs, making it 4.8 million for the first four months of 2012).

    as there are about 3.2 million singaporeans, 50% of the people on this island now are foreigners.

    if the population and number of tourists grow at the current rates, we should have close to 7.5 million
    people on this island – by 2015. something to think about perhaps.

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