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Malaysia To End Taxi Slavery, What About Singapore?

Yet again Malaysia is moving ahead where Singapore dares not tread.   According to the Malaysian Insider, PM Najib will abolish taxi licences for corporates and and instead allow individual taxi drivers to own their taxi licences. In his words, … Continue reading

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Who Wants An Independent Media II?

Amazing! As of 21 June, 51 out of 58 polled say independent media means “Impartial, balanced coverage of both PAP and Opposition”. 88% of people polled believe that ‘independence’ means ‘balanced’ coverage, which implies that they don’t believe our media … Continue reading

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Who Wants An Independent Media?

Political Writings is off to the US to investigate the media environment in the homeland of independent media. In the meantime, could I get a straw poll of what you think independent media means to you? View the results here.

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Hri Kumar: Strike 2!

Hri Kumar doesn’t get it… He doesn’t know what ‘netizens’ want. Isn’t it obvious? They don’t want her to be jailed! That’s their first desire. Second, they don’t think what she did was vandalism, at least when compared to Michael … Continue reading

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The Media: PAP’s Political Tool?

Is the Singapore media lacking independence and a political tool of the PAP, as Low Thia Khiang has claimed? You bet! How else can one explain the complete lack of coverage for ‘That We May Dream Again‘, held on 2 … Continue reading

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Can the PAP Let Go?

Those who are calling for the Sticker Lady to be let off because what she did was quirky, funny and/or artistic are barking up the wrong tree. And those who debate how to draw the fine line between art and … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Committee

So we have another “committee” to come up with yet another “formula” for public transport. What? Don’t we already have a “formula” that the Govt claims has served us well, that they’ve defended in Parliament and in public, over and … Continue reading

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