Lucky Png

62%. A very good result, considering the candidate WP put up for this by-election, the slip-ups he made, and the cockups from Yaw.

Statistically, the 2% difference from GE2011 is insignificant. It appears the Yaw issue and Png’s slip-ups barely affected the result.

One less worry for WP, at least for the next four years. I can hear the sighs of relief all round.

At least one thing hasn’t changed: our PM continues to make dumb statements that make him sound like a sore loser. No magnanimity, no graciousness in defeat, unlike Choo. Instead, he starts off by again blaming WP for causing the by-election. And instead of (the usual) calling on parties to heal the rift, he uses his official position as Prime Minister to repeatedly cite “PAP” and Desmond Choo. Indeed, his “congratulations” to Png came only in the ninth paragraph of his statement– and after he thanked those who voted for PAP.

Yes– this sounds like the man who wrote the “condolence” letter to JBJ in 2008. He still hasn’t learnt to respect the voters’ choice, he still cannot accept that his Govt has done wrong.


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6 Responses to Lucky Png

  1. Cheng says:

    Yes. The only way to take down HG is for PAP to send it a heavyweight minister.
    But for 23k voters, is that worth their risk?
    Far easier to import 23k new citizens and start a new town with guaranteed success.

  2. Ivan says:

    The core WP supporters of >55% of the Hougang electorate had made the victory possible. Face the facts: 21 years of WP’s diligent ground work, in particular the grind which its SG Low T K had put in to nurture the residents over the years. I had maintained that WP would prevail because of its resonance and solidarity with its Hougang’s supporters. Agree with you on that “the sighs of relief all round.” Congrats to PEH. Winning is just the beginning of a whole new vista of hard, consistent and at times mundane work as the MP.

  3. limcy says:

    I agreed with you really a dumb dumb dumb statement from a PM that is tryign to open, inclusive and forward looking to nowhere and make people even more two -lun

  4. Alan Wong says:

    Wait till one read Chua’s article “Hougang speaks, but for itself” in the Sunday Times, saying that the Hougang voter is not typical of the rest of Singapore. She forgot the fact that almost 40% of the voters dd not support PAP during the last GE.

    So full of sour grapes, she sounded so much like a PAP petition writer rather than a professional journalist and should be ashamed that she has sold her soul to her political masters.

    An utter disgrace to the profession of journalists, opinion writer.

    • Chua is not paid $2M + bonuses. PM Lee is. My expectations of Chua are very low. My expectation of PM Lee are very high.

    • CWK says:

      What about our wonderful President? With less than 1/2 the nation backing, he’s all skin to accept that he’s a majority winner. Wonder what’s Chua headline then? New Singapore mathematics usher in all skin?

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