Who Wins Matters

Some people think that it doesn’t matter whoever wins tomorrow in Hougang. I disagree.

It matters a lot to WP.

If WP wins– despite Png’s slip-ups, despite the betrayals by its disgruntled leakers, despute unknown spare tyres and despite Yaw’s cockup– that will prove the strength and resilience of its brand and the depth of its popular support.

More importantly, it will send a strong message to the PAP that opposition cannot be traded for porridge, Teochew or otherwise, and it will bolster WP’s confidence.

It will also allow WP to retain its position as the dominant non-PAP political party.

A loss for the WP would be a huge blow to WP, and by implication, could weaken all other non-PAP parties.

It would destroy WP’s confidence, could cause its members to defect to other parties, and will most likely weaken its standing among the other parties.

It also matters a lot to PAP.

While the PAP leadership will try to shrug it off, a loss would definitely make the PAP reconsider what else it could do better before 2016.

A loss for the PAP would not only be a return to the status quo (ie before the Yaw affair), but it would be a clear signal that the people still want more from the PAP, that it is more important to pressure the PAP than it is to punish WP for Yaw’s cockups.

On the other hand, a win for the PAP would be an immeasurable victory for them. It would give them bragging rights, allow them to rid themselves of a thorn in their side and restore their confidence.

More importantly, it would signal to them that the people still want the PAP in power, just a dash of opposition will do. It will show them that the people do not really want another party to form a new govt, that all they want is a kinder, gentler PAP.

A victory for PAP would strengthen the PAP at the expense of WP, and by implication, at the expense of the opposition as a whole.

So, do you think this by-election result is important?


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9 Responses to Who Wins Matters

  1. Steven says:

    Most importantly, a win by PAP means that hougang voters have no chance to repent anymore as it is extremely high that hougang will be absorbed into PM and his oldman’s grc consider that these clowns are using any dishonourable and despicable means in their bag of tricks to win Hougang. Please don’t be fooled by PAP. Chen Show Mao who said, “we do not have many 5 years”. Once captured by PAP, you do not even have a chance, let alone 5 years.

    Wakeup, and repent. Vote WP for justice !

    • Not-Your-Time-Yet says:

      I take offence at the word ‘repent’. And implying voters there have been blinded by loyalty is also insulting. And Khaw who said there is no upside with WP and things can only get better with PAP, is furthermore a threat or blackmail, albeit a nuanced one. At the end of day, as hougang voters, we just want to be treated with dignity and fairly just like every other residents in other constituencies. Like Pritam Singh said ; nothing is getting in the way of Govt & its agencies to upgrade HG if they truly meant it. Until PM Lee’s conscience gets this, we will continue to be on the side of justice.

  2. Ivan says:

    It is virtually impossible to turn around the huge majority of the 2011 GE results in Hougang. A swing of 5-10% might be possible for the PAP. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible in politics. WP had shown its internal weaknesses, with the recent issues involving its prominent members. It had also disappointed its supporters with an insipid Parliamentary performance. The 21-year WP reign in Hougang, endorsed by the majority of the voters looks set to continue.

  3. Peter says:

    How I wish something miraclous breakdown either today or tomorrow to break the PAP charming spell casted during the PAP rallys? It is high time voters in Hougang wake up and make the right decision to vote for a change since the Government’s track record left much to be desired be it housing, transport, health, influx of FT and inflation.

  4. Tim says:

    Do they want a fresh start to democracy in Singapore.
    Or will they go for a fresh start with a PAP leopard?

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  6. Ivan says:

    You are suggesting Hougang voters had been sleeping?

  7. Peter says:

    I’m referrring to those Hougang voters who had voted for PAP in the past GE. It is time to wake up!!Why would anyone vote for PAP that holds him or her in contempt even though he or she did not vote for WP? It is not only the WP voters of Hougang that were punished for exercising their democratic rights, PAP voters were similarly punished as well.

  8. Teck says:

    //While the PAP leadership will try to shrug it off, a loss would definitely make the PAP reconsider what else it could do better before 2016.//

    Agree with the above. A win will send a message that they have corrected most of the paths to the level where it is satisfactory to majority. I hope this won’t happen. On the other end, a HG defeat to LTK is akin to an Aljunied GRC defeat to the PAP. It will dent the incumbent’s morale, and definitely set all-opposition back in 2016.

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