Danger Ahead!

So it will be an uneven contest of Youth vs Age. Mr Handsome vs Mr Average. English-Ed vs Chinese-Ed. High-Flyer vs Down-To-Earth. Go-Getter vs Laid-Back. East vs West. David vs Goliath. Good vs Evil. And of course, White vs Blue.

Now we know that, while waiting for PM Lee to exercise his “discretion”, the PAP was busy preparing the ground for an election in Hougang, making sure all the pieces were in place.

Porridge was prepared, TCM clinics were prepared, coffee sessions were prepared, media coverage was prepared… I’m just surprised Desmond Choo hasn’t kissed any babies yet!

This has all the hallmarks of a slick political campaign run by a professional political consultant and/or campaign manager.

Png, on the other hand, has been his usual laid-back, quiet and unassuming self, with no planned events for media coverage, no worthy soundbites, no battle cries against the PAP, no grand visions, no campaign promises, in fact no sound no colour at all!

He looks like someone forgot to hire a political consultant to run his campaign!

Worse, the party has been hurt by scandals and accusations lately, from the Yaw saga to accusations of racism by a former Party member to an possible application for a political donation certificate by an unendorsed party member.

The next nine days will be decisive. The rallies will begin. What can Png say or do to make us not vote for Desmond Choo? How will he counter the goodies that Desmond could possibly bring to the table? How will he change his image from someone who likes taking a back seat to someone who can actually get things done?

9 days will tell.


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5 Responses to Danger Ahead!

  1. Cheng says:

    Agree. The campaign put up by Desmond is a lot more slick and polished compared to all the clumsiness a year ago. You could tell very easily he had his media training on all the right soundbites and spin. However, let’s hope the voters of HG know the real deal when they see one.

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  3. csm says:

    They kick sand in your face and push you all around the playground for 20 years, laughing and mocking at you with their friends. After 20 years they realise that these bullying tactics do not work on you. You’re not as easily bribed as their other shallow friends. So now they change tack … they offer you salve for your wounds – wounds that were inflicted by them – and they tell you they will always be there for you, they are out to look after your welfare, they are the answer to your long-term interests. Hougang residents, surely after 20 long years of mistreatment you are not so easily conned?

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