Thick Skin, Mad Dog

Vikram Nair (aka Boba Fett) appears as unrepentant as ever.

In his feature interview on the 1st year anniversary of GE 2011, the mad attack dog said, “I’ve certainly had my fair share of online flaming for all sorts of things. I’ve developed a pretty thick skin. If there are any serious allegations, I usually put up a response on what my position is. But I try not to get involved in an online flame war. It will ultimately take up a lot of my time and probably not be very productive. I just take it in my stride.

I guess being seen as a rude, ill-mannered and venomous critic is not a serious allegation. Being seen as someone full of pride and prejudice is not a serious allegation either. Neither is a reputation for being uncouth, unrepentant and ungentlemanly.

All those superb debating skills are wasted on a man like him. I guess one should not be surprised that the mad dog idolises Jango Fett.


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One Response to Thick Skin, Mad Dog

  1. Hans says:

    Why bother about him? Why bother him? Why bother?

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