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Hawker School– Yet Another Stupid Idea From Vivian B

So the noble Vivian B wants more Singaporeans to become hawkers. The Govt now even thinks that it can make hawking a noble profession by setting up hawker “schools“. According to the Straits Times, “A new generation of Singapore hawkers … Continue reading

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What if I get fielded in Hougang or Aljunied?

What if I get fielded in Hougang or Aljunied? According to one blogger, this is the kind of question that could apparently cause recruitment problems for PAP in 2016. But it’s bigger than that. To me, that is one of … Continue reading

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Undying Beliefs Of An Old Man

Looking frail and tired at a ‘Future of Asia’ symposium in Tokyo on 24 May, Mr Lee Kuan Yew continued to insist that (PAP) ministers can easily earn more in the private sector and thus must be paid millions to … Continue reading

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The Unrepentant PM

I think the above says it all. In any other country, the leader of the losing party would always start by conceding defeat and congratulating the opponent on his victory. If the said leader is the head of government, he … Continue reading

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Lucky Png

62%. A very good result, considering the candidate WP put up for this by-election, the slip-ups he made, and the cockups from Yaw. Statistically, the 2% difference from GE2011 is insignificant. It appears the Yaw issue and Png’s slip-ups barely … Continue reading

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Who Wins Matters

Some people think that it doesn’t matter whoever wins tomorrow in Hougang. I disagree. It matters a lot to WP. If WP wins– despite Png’s slip-ups, despite the betrayals by its disgruntled leakers, despute unknown spare tyres and despite Yaw’s … Continue reading

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Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words: 1994: “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky”— Bill Clinton 2010: “HDB flats are affordable”—Mah Bow Tan 2012: “I took my name out of the ballot for NCMP post”—Png Eng Huat? Frankly, that was … Continue reading

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