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Politically Flawed

“Fatally flawed“. Apparently that’s what the Government’s lawyers think of V. Muthu’s application for the Prime Minister to call an election within a reasonable time. As such, they applied for the Court to strike out Ms Muthu’s application before it … Continue reading

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George Yeo Should Be President

Pity George Yeo didn’t run for President this year. He’s been sounding very Presidential lately. Unlike Tan Jee Say (or even Tan Cheng Bock), who just wants to use the office of the President to speak out against the PAP, … Continue reading

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HDB Doesn’t Get It

HDB scored an own goal last week. I think they didn’t even know about it. In its “rebuttal” last week, HDB claimed that the PropertyGuru report, “HDBs more unaffordable than private homes“, is misleading, as it is based on “a … Continue reading

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The Slippery Slope of Subsidy

The recent debates on the $1.1B Govt funding to SBS and SMRT for the purchase and operation of 550 buses have been very surprising. I’m surprised WP did not use this to argue their case for nationalisation of public transport … Continue reading

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