Who Will They Field Next?

Yaw is history. So who will WP field in the by-election?

Gerald Giam? He notably appeared in the press conference announcing Yaw’s expulsion alongside the chairman and secretary general. That is a clear signal of his rising status within the party. But should WP give up an NCMP seat, even if Gerald wins? It’s not at all clear whether the Govt is obliged to give WP another NCMP seat should Gerald become a fully-elected MP.

Glenda Han? She would win some votes, but she has no presence in Hougang.

JJ? His performance in Parliament hasn’t been outstanding to date.

Angela Oon? Don’t think she’s electable now.

John Yam? Possibly. He’s bilingual, mature and distinguished. Would make a pillar of the community. So why didn’t WP feature him at the press conference?

And PAP. Who would they field? The guy whom Yaw defeated? Or someone who will quickly resign from the Civil Service just to take part in this election?

We haven’t had a by-election since 1981, when JBJ was elected. Will the other parties want to jump in? Kenneth J? Nicole Seah? Or maybe Desmond SDA wants to repay WP a favour? Maybe Tan Jee Say or Tan Kin Lian want to try their luck again?

The ball is really round.


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10 Responses to Who Will They Field Next?

  1. yuen says:

    now that Yaw has lost his seat, I would guess Gerald Giam will be standing for WP, and his NCMP could be re-nominated for another of the East Coast candidates; he will surely be elected if no 3 corner fight takes place; however, another opposition party might think it is a good opportunity to get some publicity, even if it might cost them the election deposit or give PAP a chance (small as it might be) of taking back Hougang

  2. cy says:

    “On whether a by-election in Hougang will be held, and the timing, Mr Lee said he “will consider the matter carefully”.
    “He added that “there are many other issues on the national agenda right now”.

    Looks like by-election is not on PAP’s agenda this year with recession looming. They know they won’t win, so why give WP the morale-booster they need so soon?

    A hint of which candidate WP will field may be the person assisting the 5 Aljunied MPs in Hougang Meet People Session.

  3. CHK says:

    LTK said they have a lot of young talents to field. While GG seems like a good candidate choice, will he be required to resign from his NCMP role to run? Is up to anyone guess, but I suspect there could be some tense corner fights.

  4. CHK says:

    What if Yaw decides to run as Independent?

  5. bongkinchen says:

    Hey, you say it all. Leave me nothing more to comment except if the incumbents really and politically dare, call for an immediate by-election. The aftermath result of the poll tells it all. Hougang is more than representatative of the whole… of Singapore. There must be absolutely no 3-corner tussle, only WP vs Pappies. The outcome of this poll is a good political gauge of how the incumbents have performed to date, especially on the political conflict of parrtisan interests inherent in the compromised review of the monstrous absurd and obscene political salaries and also particularly on the continuing adverse imports of the unrestrained foreign employees. Last but not least, the continue flooding and adverse consequences that ensued in Orchard Road.

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  7. Hey u forgot abt that defeated scholar Ong YK. Most likely cuz he’s minister calibre. They need him badly. Do you want to wager?

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