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Green Hawker Centres My Foot!

Does anyone else read the Hawker Centre Panel’s “recommendations” as a complete condemnation of the PAP Govt’s approach to hawker centres? Strip away the fanciful ideas from the social activists and the fluff from the environmentalists and what you have … Continue reading

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Political Stupidity

I’ve written about Yaw’s stupidity. But it seems he’s not been the only stupid one in recent days. Richard Wan decided to show himself at some “face-off” with TOC and got slapped almost immediately with two lawyers’ letters threatening defamation … Continue reading

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Yaw Was Not Sacked Because Of Affair

Hands up if you think that Yaw Shin Leong was fired from WP because of his affair. Apparently many people still think so, and thus they’ve made comments like, “As long as his [affair] does not affect his ability to … Continue reading

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1911: Lessons For S’pore’s Opposition

FUNDRAISING. Second only to armed uprisings, that was what Sun Yat Sen spent the bulk of his time on when he fought to bring down the Qing Dynasty to found a new republic of China. Dr Sun is acknowledged by … Continue reading

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Who Will They Field Next?

Yaw is history. So who will WP field in the by-election? Gerald Giam? He notably appeared in the press conference announcing Yaw’s expulsion alongside the chairman and secretary general. That is a clear signal of his rising status within the … Continue reading

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What Budget Debate?

Parliament is supposed to “debate” Budget 2012 next week. But how many people see that what has taken place over the last 30 years, and what will likely take place over the next two weeks, is not a debate at … Continue reading

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