The 100: Top 10 Political Writings

It has been one year since I started Political Writings. This is my 100th post.

Over the past year, some people have asked, “Who is this blogger?” and said “Your intentions (in publishing such anti-PAP stories) are not clear”.

First, I’d like to state that I’m not a blogger, and this is not a blog. A blog is a weblog, a site where bloggers jot down random thoughts on what happened to them yesterday, put up pictures of themselves having dinner, at a party hung over, etc.

I am not a blogger, I don’t do that. I’m a political commentator, this is a serious political commentary site.

Second, my intentions are very simple: I want to advance political understanding in Singapore, to help people move beyond PAP and “Opposition”.

It is my greatest wish that Singaporeans can unplug themselves from the Matrix that the PAP has created, and see politics for what it really is and should be, viz:

  • That the PAP <> Govt and Govt <> PAP. In other words, these two terms are not equivalent, they are not synonyms and Singaporeans should not use them as such.
  • That parties other than PAP are not just “opposition” parties, forever condemned to a life in Opposition. Just because the PAP is bigger and more powerful than all the other parties combined does not give it the right to call itself a “ruling” party and others “opposition” parties.
  • That ALL political parties, PAP and others, are equal before the law and equal before the electorate in that they have the same right to contest elections, the same right to canvass for votes, and the same right to form a government if they receive a majority of the votes. It is not the PAP’s birthright to form the Govt and it is not the fate of all the other parties to be in opposition forever.
  • That Singaporeans stop using such terms as “opposition government”. That is an oxymoron. If WP wins a majority of the seats, we will have a WP govt. If a coalition of WP, SDP and NSP wins a majority of the seats, we will have a coalition govt. There is no such thing as an “opposition govt”. By definition, when you are in power, you will no longer be in opposition.
  • There is no such thing as “constructive” or “destructive” opposition. There is also no such thing as “opposing for the sake of opposing”. This is the wool the PAP has pulled over voters’ eyes.

I hope the articles on this site will help advance political understanding in Singapore. Despite the fact that we’ve lived under a PAP Government for the last 50 years, I’m hopeful that I will see a non-PAP government in my lifetime. I hope the following selection, my top 10 out of the 100 articles I’ve written so far, will help you in this regard.

  1. Top 10 Misconceptions about Singapore Politics: Part I, Part II and Part III
  2. There is no role for Opposition in Singapore
  3. The Party Political Broadcast I would like to hear
  4. 10 things wrong with the “opposition” in Singapore (Part I and Part II)
  5. There’s No Point Having An Election If Half The Opposing Candidates Are Loonies
  6. They Don’t Understand Political Donations
  7. $35,0000… And That’s All She Wrote
  8. Abolish ISA? How Badly Do You Want It?
  9. Are you “pro-opposition”? Or are you really rooting for PAP to change?
  10. Opposition: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Some people have said I’m foolish to think that the PAP will ever be removed from power, that I “talk cock”. Well, they laughed at Edison when he tried to invent a light bulb. They also laughed when people said man could walk on the moon.

I hope so-called opposition politicians understand that the aim of politics is not to celebrate 25 years as an “opposition” MP, or to promote their constituency as a “beacon” of the opposition in Singapore. You can bet David Cameron didn’t celebrate 10 years of being the Leader of the Opposition.

No matter whether PAP can be removed from power, I think it’s better to fight to be the next Govt than to believe that one is condemned to a life in opposition for the next 50 years.


About politicalwritings

Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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One Response to The 100: Top 10 Political Writings

  1. WIlly says:

    I enjoy reading your posting and learn a lot from your views. LKY make Singaporean Daft in the long run. Some Singaporean just don;t believe that a day when we will wake up when PAP lost power, Just like when MAO died in 1976 and actually China went thru a opening up and prosper from there.

    I hope Singapore will be a better place to leave and I see LKY pass away in 2-5 years time and the son hand over power in 10 years. Singapore will be free from then on.

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