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How Not To Be A Politician

“Politician” Alex Tan released a Facebook note that illustrates just how far some parties and many of their members have to go before Singapore can have a genuine choice at the polls. There’s lots of lessons for budding young “opposition” … Continue reading

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The 100: Top 10 Political Writings

It has been one year since I started Political Writings. This is my 100th post. Over the past year, some people have asked, “Who is this blogger?” and said “Your intentions (in publishing such anti-PAP stories) are not clear”. First, … Continue reading

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Are PAP Ministers Man Enough?

The ongoing Minister Pay debate has been too focused on benchmarks and pegging– whether we should use the top 1,000 earners or a civil servant salary base for MP allowance which is then rolled up into Ministerial salary. It’s really … Continue reading

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Why PAP Needs High Minister Salaries

It seems few people are pleased with the Ee Report. Those who called for cuts say it’s not enough. On the other hand, there are PAP ministers like Grace Fu who say it’s too much. But few critics understand why … Continue reading

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Where Ee and PAP Failed

In the US, it is common to talk about “forging a bipartisan approach” whenever any contentious issues have to be debated in Congress. Gerard Ee apparently forgot about that, and a result, did the PAP a disfavour. But the PAP … Continue reading

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The End For The Opposition

The PAP has just called the Opposition’s bluff. It has upped the ante, it is now calling for the Opposition to show hand. And what have they got to show for it? Yes, we will cut the President’s salary by … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Favourite Punching Bag Series: National Service

I regret not doing much better during NS 20-odd years ago. I regret not distinguishing myself during BMT. I regret not becoming a commissioned officer. I regret not trying to get a Sword of Honour. I had the opportunity and I … Continue reading

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