The Famous Picture

No clearer indication could have been given by a taxi operator to confirm what I’ve been saying all along: Taxis are not a “public” service.

This post is not to defend SMRT or condemn them. It is ask people, no matter how aggrieved, to see things for what they truly are.

SMRT is a profit-oriented company, as are SBS, TIBS, Comfort, etc.

They are not here to make sacrifices in the name of serving the public.

They are here to serve their contracts, according to the quality of service standards agreed with the regulator.

They are not here to perform “public service”.

They are in it for the money. And they will forever be in it for the money. Else, why run them as companies?

Hence berating them for being greedy, profiteering, etc. is a waste of your time.

If you really really want SBS, SMRT, Comfort, etc to provide “public service”, I suggest one of the following:

a. Nationalise these industries– you could do so by supporting a political party which proposes nationalisation. This will likely require a change of Govt, as I do not foresee the PAP willingly undertaking nationalisation.

b. Petition the regulator to increase the quality of service standards, penalties for non-compliance, and in addition, re-regulate taxi fares. Note that the latter involves a substantive change in the taxi-operator licences already issued and thus may require the Govt to pay compensation to the current taxi operators.

If you have more alternatives than the above, please contribute to the comments section.


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5 Responses to The Famous Picture

  1. Simon Says says:

    Like the “Tsunami” incident before this, their approach is stunningly the same.
    Your Misery, Their Salary, In Perfect Harmony.

    Enough said. The people has shown enough grace for too long. If the LTA & public company refuse to act in public interests, Mr Lui will become the next Mr Mah Bow Tan.

  2. says:

    what about this, instead of paying a fine to LTA, SMRT should be made to issue shares to a public fund used solely to improve its service level and it would not be allowed to propose fare increment for at least a year or more.

    • Sure. But in theory, money that’s paid to the Govt, incl. fines, helps to fund public expenditures. So is there really much difference?

      Your suggestion is that the fines be used to pay for improvements in service. However, the mgt has to spend money to meet quality of service standards in any case. If there is a pool of fine money that can be used, does it not mean the company can draw on it and thus reduce its planned expenditure?

  3. tinny bee says:

    After reading most postings on your blog, i reckon you see the lack of public education.

    Many of them lashing away at minor problems, however they fail to see the big picture. With all the outrage/uproars/petitions, they probably do not know what is the root cause of their own anger.

    Just my two cents worth, perhaps you may wish to inject empathy in your postings. I can resonate with your views. many times, its how you say that makes people more receptive to the information given.

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