12 Wishes For Singapore Politics In 2012 (Part I)

This follows from my previous “11 Wishes For Singapore Politics In 2011

1. That WP acquits itself well in the 12th Parliament

To paraphrase what Maverick’s commander in Top Gun said: “Gentlemen, this is the real thing. This is what you’ve been trained for. You are [The Opposition’s] best. Make us proud!”

2. That more loonies, no-hopers and old warhorses will follow Sin Kek Tong and Goh Meng Seng into the sunset

The two of them finally saw the light, though it took a severe election beating to bring one of them to his senses.

3. That Singaporeans learn to deal with things themselves instead of running to the “gahmen”.

2011 saw three incidents of offensive remarks/photos directed at Muslims. What followed was classic Singaporean behaviour: police reports were made against the posters urging the Police to investigate them for sedition, and the complainants also wrote to the Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Defence, MHA, SAF, Mindef, etc complaining about the behaviour of these posters.

And of course, they had to publicise those complaint emails to TOC.

This is so churlish it would be hilarious if the people involved were not serious.

What responsibility does the govt, an employer, a school, a clan association, a third cousin, etc have for someone’s behaviour, criminal or otherwise?

You made your police report, let the Police do their job. There is no need for you to drag everybody and their grandmother into your complaint. In fact, such behaviour just shows how childish you are. It reminds me of what happened in school when someone got bullied– they’ll complain to the prefect, to the class monitor, to the form teacher, to the principal, to the parent, etc.

Singaporeans who still think and act like that need to grow up.

There’s no point asking for more freedoms– freedom of speech, assembly, association– if one cannot deal with the consequences of such freedoms, and resorts to kau-peh-kau-boo to the “gahmen” every time someone says something you don’t like to hear/see.

4. That Nicole Seah has a coming-out party in 2012

To use another Top Gun analogy, Nicole Seah is easily the winner of the Best Trainee Award for GE2011. Yet NSP seems to have hidden her away, instead using Hazel Poa and others to front the show.

That’s not right.

A party needs to continually promote its star candidates, who have to keep generating publicity and buzz about themselves, both online and in the traditional media.

5. That we see M&A in the local political scene.

Ideally, RP and SPP dissolve or are “acquired” by WP and SDP respectively. Why?

RP and SPP were set up by disgruntled members of WP and SDP respectively. Just like 殷天正 set up 天鹰教 over differences with other 明教 brothers but disbanded 天鹰教 and returned to 明教 for the greater good, I hope these offshoot parties can patch up their differences and return to their mother-parties– for the greater good.

With this consolidation, “opp” supporters will have three 正派 to choose from: the bread-and-butter Workers Party; the human-rights SDP, and the man-in-the-middle NSP.

Personally, that is the “tri-partite” movement that I would like to see as a real challenge to the PAP.

6. That we can find a real leader, someone whom the 六大門派 can rally around, so that we can successfully 攻打光明顶

Will Nicole Seah and/or Gerald Giam step to the fore please? We need someone younger than Tan Jee Say to play the role of 張無忌.

Continue to Part II


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Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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3 Responses to 12 Wishes For Singapore Politics In 2012 (Part I)

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  2. Visakan V says:

    that people will stop choosing sides and focus instead on having more mature, civil conversations.

    that the opposition will value the PAP and that the PAP will value the opposition.

    that people will stop attacking one side or the other and try to forge a more perfect union.

    that we will embody the change that we want to see.

    that we cease to be xenophobic.

    that we cease to be fearful of the truth, and dare to confront it without being unnecessarily offended.

    that we tolerate and love each other.

    that we cherish our opponents for pushing us to become better people.

    that we live with a common understanding of our common goals- that we are one, though we are not the same.

    more compassion, understanding, decency, humanity.

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